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The Ultimate Guide To Paintless Dent Removal

Dec 8

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is also referred to as Paintless Dent Removal; it is an efficient and environmentally responsible method of restoring the body of a car to its original condition in a fraction of the time.

Can you do PDR yourself?


PDR can be used to remove hail damage and vehicle dents and body creases, and car dents. The paintless repair of dent San Diegoprocedure has four significant steps that will be explained in the following sections:


1. Evaluate the extent of damage

2. Get access to the dent

3. Develop your knowledge of the impact of dent

4. Make the dent disappear using gentle pressure.


What is Paintless Dent Repair? and How Does It Work? 


Many PDR technicians across the United States restore vehicles to their factory condition every day without jeopardizing the vehicle's original paint finish or the consumer's budget.


Read on to learn more about the San Diego paintless dent restoration process that we invented in the last 32 years, restoring vehicles to their pre-damage condition.


Before the use of Paintless Dent Repair


  • Take a look at the damage.


It is crucial to determine the severity of the damage before you start any repairs. What is the size of the damage? What is the size of the ding? What is the best way to get to scratch? After inspecting the damage, we prepared the surrounding area to be fixed.


  • Get access to The Dent.


PDR requires access to the rear of the dent. It involves taking off body panels, taillights, and in some instances, the interior panels. To perform PDR to do so, you'll need to be able to get to the location.


Once we've got access, it's time for us to fix the PDR. This was when dent repair san diego experienced technicians' accuracy and expertise was in the equation.


  • See a Clearer Image of the Dent


Damage employs a custom-designed light board to allow our technicians to see the dent clearly from their point of view. The board provides a shadow of the dent showing where the technician needs to apply the tools to the backside of the dent to help massage the body back to its former condition.


After a Paintless Dent Repair


  • Apply gentle pressure on the dent.


The exterior is then gently massaged using specialized equipment to return it to its original location.


The extent of the dent will determine whether the PDR procedure can be done within the same day. The results are excellent given how quick and minimally invasive it is.


What types of DAMAGE can PDR be used TO REPAIR?


Paintless Dent Repair can eliminate dents, dings, and body wrinkles. PDR is a highly-specialized technology that restores vehicles to their original condition quickly and economically. PDR can repair most scratches, dents, and wrinkles, provided the paint is not damaged. PDR can be utilized to restore your car's original condition for any dent. This includes ample folds or hail damage.


WHAT IS THE PERIOD IT takes to repair a paintless DET?


Standard paintless repair of a dent is relatively fast and usually finished the next day. PDR can vary depending on the severity of the damage, location of the damage, and the number of dents or dings. Hail damage, mainly it can take several days to completely repair all of the scratchings to the car's surface.


What are the significant differences between traditional repair for dents and paintless?

Paint or body filler is used to repair car body dents. They are then painted to match the exterior of the vehicle. Although this process can improve the appearance of a car, it doesn't address the dents in a manner that can offer a permanent solution. It's also expensive, time-consuming, and can lower your vehicle's resale value.


However, Paintless Dent Removal will not require fillers or sanding. PDR is becoming more widely considered to be a viable and cost-effective option to have minor repairs made in an auto body shop. PDR is less expensive than conventional dent repair San Diego treatments and offers more bang for the budget.

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