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What To Do While Movers Are Moving

Dec 9

Whatever your job is, you'll always require interaction with other people. There are certain things you wish your clients and colleagues or suppliers had known that will make your interactions more effortless and efficient. If you employ a moving company they'll be feeling the same. Here are some of the things your movers would like to tell you about making the moving day more enjoyable for all.


  • Allow them to do the work.


What can you do to assist your movers? Allow them to perform their task! You may believe you know exactly how to get the job perfectly, but there's a reason why you hired full-service movers in the first place. They're trained professionals who've moved a lot of couches, crates, and other fragile items. You won't feel anxious and they won't have to feel shackled.

Prior to moving day, complete packing.



If you are paying for a full-service moving service, they do. There's no need to pay for additional packing services if you don’t desire to. It makes it easier for them to load your home in their trucks. If they must wait for you to finish packing that's a waste of their time, which is what you're paying for.

Be sure to keep cash, valuables as well as prescription drugs with your person always.


  • Particular objects are a pain to the neck of the mover.


They don't need to carry cash or jewelry and would like to avoid being accused of not having them. Moving day can be stressful, so make sure you keep your belongings in good hands and let the moving company in San Diego handle the remainder.

Label the boxes with the destination.


Are you supposed to help with moving?


Labeling each box with the destination room will assist the movers with the process of unloading faster and make it easier for you to avoid acting as a traffic supervisor. This is particularly important if you are paying your movers per hour.

If something is fragile notify the movers and label the box with care.


Your movers wouldn't be there in the event that they were psychic. Inform them what is delicate or needs conservative treatment. They must be aware and in advance and write it down, note it on a piece of paper, or say it loudly and take action as soon as they can.


  • Make sure that you have easy and quick access.


Aid your movers in finding the ideal location for their vehicle to park which will allow them to access your home the most efficiently and what restrictions may apply for moving. This information must be thoroughly examined by the moving company. They'd be furious they realized that their inexperience has resulted into an unpaid parking fee.


  • Heavy objects should not be stored in large boxes.


It's not logical to keep all those books in one box? Wrong. A large book box will be tough to handle even for large-sized movers, and it might even fall apart during transport. If you're in search of more boxes, check out our guide to find free moving boxes around your area.

Remove everything from your cabinets, drawers, and desks.


This makes your item heavier but will increase the risk of shifting contents and sliding drawers. The majority of mover San Diego won't move furniture or file cabinets that are still being used.


Some experts in packing advise leaving everything in the drawers in order to simplify packing; however, this only works if the contents of the drawers have been secured by covering them with plastic.

If you're unsure of the best way to start read our advice on packing for success.

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