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Why You Should Avoid DIY Auto Glass Repair

Mar 1

You could find DIY glass repair kits at the local auto shop if your windshield has cracked or chipped. While every one of these auto glass repair Oceanside repair kits differs, however, they all carry the same risks when and after the glass repair.


Continue reading to find out about the potential hazards of DIY vehicle glass repairs.


1. There are a myriad of toxic products


The majority of Oceanside car glass repair kits include a clear liquid resin. The resin needs to be injected into chips or cracks prior to it being set. The resin may release toxic gases that harm eyes, lungs, and mucous membranes, particularly when working on the glass in a small area. Additionally, if the resin gets into contact with your skin or eyes it could cause serious irritation or even damage to your skin or eyes.


You can reduce these risks by wearing safe glasses, protective clothing as well as gloves while working with the product. However, the risks to health associated with DIY auto glass repair kits cannot be completely eliminated.


2. It could be difficult to assess the result of the repair


The experts take extra precautions when they repair a windshield to ensure that the cure is clear and blends in with the glass. A specialist can fix cracks or chips on a windshield. It is possible to walk away with a windshield that looks like it's never been damaged.


Does DIY windshield repair work?

The final look of a windshield can change dramatically when a DIY kit is applied to fix cracks or chips. Incorrect application and curing could result in the liquid resin to become opaque rather than transparent after it has hardened. There are also ugly drip lines of glue that is sprayed to the edges of any fracture or chip during hardening.


3. Windshield repairs are not guaranteed to repair the structural integrity


Take your chipped or cracked windshield to an Oceanside professional to fix it. They'll determine if a simple repair will restore the windshield's structural integrity or if it is time to replace it.


A tiny bull's eyes chip within the middle of your windshield could be an example. An auto glass expert is likely to fix it as it doesn't affect the windshield as a whole.


If the windshield of your vehicle has developed a crack that is a few inches wide and lies close to the edges of the windshield, an Oceanside auto glass specialist will most likely recommend complete windshield replacement; extensive damage around the edges of your windshield put your windshield at risk of failing in the event of a collision, even after repairs.


4. Certain kits require perfect weather conditions in order to use them.


Repairing your vehicle's glass professionally is a multi-step process that necessitates the use of numerous tools that most car owners aren't equipped with. Curing, or hardening the resin used to repair the car glass using a specific UV light is one of these steps.


Many DIY kits for auto glass repair advise to cure the resin by exposing it to the sun for a number of hours.


It is difficult to predict when the sun will be shining on auto glass for a long time to cure it properly in certain parts of the country. This is especially true in the winter months.


5. Insurance companies for autos do not provide coverage for DIY repair costs.


Many drivers buy DIY auto glass repair kits in order to save money as some of these kits can be cheaper than professional glass repair.

However, the majority of insurance companies will reimburse you for the expense of Auto glass repair Oceanside for those with insurance coverage that is comprehensive. Since they are aware that paying full price for repairs of any kind will save them from having to pay more expensive and long-term insurance claims, some people even eliminate their insurance deductible.

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