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Top 5 Reasons Your Car won't start

Mar 22


Have you ever stepped into the car's cab and turned on the ignition only to find yourself with a stalling engine? Well, you're not alone. Automobiles can be unpredictable, just like any other machine. You may be cruising along the highway, the next you're stuck bewildered in your driveway, totally in a rut. While you're likely to just take a few moments to blame the universe for this occurrence of events but the next course of action is to diagnose. It's time to determine what happened to your vehicle in the span of time between the last trip and now. To help you get to the bottom of it There are five main causes of why your vehicle is not starting...


1. The Car's Battery is Dead

Dead car batteries are a typical reason why vehicles leave their engines running in the garage. The car's battery acts as its engine, which supplies power to the lights and wipers as well as the ignition. If the battery isn't providing sufficient power, the vehicle will not be able to supply the needed surge of energy for it to start.


Your battery may be experiencing problems due to a variety reasons, including:


Your car battery has completed its service life

Your interior lights or headlights were off while the car was off

A loose wire

The terminals on the battery for your car are developed corrosion

Poor conductivity caused by internal moisture and heat exposure

Exposure to extreme temperatures

The electricity is draining when the car is off and is referred to as parasitic drain

Leaving your car parked for extended periods

Our towing company in Phoenix towing service can assist to repair your car battery if it's malfunctioning. We'll quickly drive out to your home, carrying all the required tools tow (puns are not required) for assistance on the road, including repairs and towing.


2. Weak Ignition Switch

If the battery's not to blame, it could be an issue with your car's ignition switch. Switch on the headlights to determine if the issue is related to the battery or the ignition switch. This could indicate a problem with the ignition switch.


3. Blocked Fuel Filter

The term "fuel filter" is easy to understand. They are responsible for transferring clean fuel to the engine. Without them, gasoline won't be able to get into the engine, preventing the car from starting properly. It is recommended to change your fuel filters every 15,000 to 22,000 kilometers. This will ensure that the gasoline flowing. If you're unable to change your fuel filters, you can phone a nearby tow-truck firm to get assistance.


4. Issues with the Ignition Control Coil

While we discussed the important relationship between the ignition and the battery but the ignition may be the cause of your absence of vehicle start. The ignition coil transforms the power of batteries into an electric spark that allows the engine to ignite. The engine will not begin when the process is interrupted or the coil is damaged. In order to determine if a weak spark is the culprit our Phoenix towing company will test the ignition coil using a multimeter. It's time to change the ignition coil or use induction should the spark be weak.


5. Problematic fuel pump

The fuel pump's ability make gas burn is a vital part of the process of combustion. The fuel pump transfers fuel out of the tank, and it then passes through the fuel rail and into the injectors and then sprays it into each combustion chamber of the cylinder. This means that the fuel pump pumps fuel to the engine, which aids in making your vehicle begin to run. Without this system in place, you may be left with a car that is dead and needing to call an Azteca Towing company to deliver your vehicle to an expert mechanic.