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5 Ways to Optimize Your Product Listings

Apr 26

Amazon is a giant in the world of Ecommerce. It has a mission to satisfy every customer. It does whatever it takes to make a customer happy. There are hundreds of products present on Amazon for its users. But there is no use for these products if they are not visible to their users. Therefore it is very important to have an optimized Amazon product listing. This is where you enlist all your products to make them available for purchase. 

What is the purpose of product listing optimization?

We have to accept that showcasing a product in your store for customers is entirely different from persuading them to buy it. When you have an optimized listing, it becomes easier for people to search for their required item. This is the first step towards growth in sales and profit. It will help you in recognizing which product will help you in increasing your sales and growing your business. Amazon listing optimization is a very tricky task. It takes a lot of effort and patience to get the algorithm right.

A study by Jungle Scout revealed that people are more focused on getting their Amazon listing optimization service right this year. Now people have realized that constant modification in listing plays an important role in increasing your odds of conversion. The old practices of setting things and forgetting them for years will not bring any good.

Let’s optimize your Amazon product listing together!

We have listed below five different ways to make that happen. Let us have a look:

Start with an attractive title:

Before making a purchase decision, it is the title of the product we read. This is the first thing people look at. Therefore making your title optimized will be the first step toward product listing optimization. Keywords will never leave you alone because they are the ones that will help you to rank on Google. This will later boost the product ranking as per the rules of SEO.

Sellers on Amazon use the Keyword Planner tool to make sure that they find relevant and high-performing keywords. You can use them in your title, which will increase the traffic flow on your site. Also include the information that the people might be looking for, like features, size, etc., a short title is a good choice, but you can choose to write a big one with long-tail keywords as well. It completely depends upon your choice, and this makes title writing an enigma.

Pro tip: Avoid doing keyword stuffing or over-optimization. It will do no good, but it will harm your product’s ranking on Google.

Add clear images:

Visual aesthetics play a very important role in product listing optimization. Upon clicking on the name of the product, the first thing people look for is the image attached. It has to be relevant to the product description. It should also be clear enough to let the people zoom in. Do not just add a single picture and think that you have played your part. Add multiple pictures (at least 6) that should show:

  • Your whole product
  • Close up of product to show quality or texture
  • Dimensions of the product or infographics
  • People using it or where it will be used

The images that you add have to be very good in quality and should cover almost 85 percent of the image area. It is suggested that the image should have a white background to improve its clarity. All this effort behind image selection will raise the authenticity of your product, and people will be inclined to buy it. This will increase your product’s ranking as well.

Get reviews as much as you can:

Reviews generally mean to us the appreciation given to us. In the online world, reviews act as a push to sell products more because the buying rate will increase. Amazon keenly observes the reviews that you get on your product. This is because Amazon will support the product listing of that seller who has the majority of good early reviews in it. Similarly, rating the product 4 or above four stars out of 5 stars will also motivate the buyers to make purchase decisions.

You will have to set up a review management team whose task will be to monitor the reviews and be in constant contact with customers. Those who have not given a review reach them by automated emails. Ask them politely to share their opinion on your site. Reach those people who have given negative reviews about your product. Try to solve their problems and then ask them to add a positive review. This will help your product listing to appear on top in SERPs.

Work on Amazon PPC campaigns:

Without a doubt, the Amazon PPC ads campaign will optimize your product listing. It is the best way to attract heavy organic traffic to your site and boost product selling. You will have to use the correct and related keywords because it will help the latter to happen. If you do not do this, you will not be making any sales, no matter how much effort you put in to do so. You can ask for help from a popular Amazon PPC agency like Urtasker to help you in this regard.

Use Bullets:

It is human nature that it will never read the details that are written in continuous form. According to research, it becomes difficult to focus on so many points at the same time when they are mentioned in a single paragraph. Learn from it. Break your continuous detail-centric paragraph into bullet points to make it easy to read.

Amazon gives you a chance to explain the features and details of your products in 5 bullet points. Try to make use of that. Make them enriched with valuable information. This will help you in increasing your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Bottom Line:

The above discussion is enough to make you understand the importance of Product listing optimization. This has made us say that it can make or break your business at Amazon. You have to keenly observe different patterns and ways that we have stated above for your help. They will help you in making profits and will ensure a prolonged traffic influx as well. You should not detract from your aim of making profits. All you have to do is do good research and put in great efforts. You will see, with a little patience, that your efforts have paid off, and you now have the best product listing on Amazon.