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Air Conditioner Problems That Homeowners Face & Their Solutions

May 2

With the temperature rising, HVAC companies in Colorado Springs receive more calls for repairs to air conditioners. This isn't only because it's hot out, people are more likely to delay repair work on their vehicles.


What is the reason why my AC does not work in the summer?


Because of the extreme humidity and heat, breakdowns are more common in summer. We encourage homeowners with older HVAC systems to upgrade them in spring. There are many issues that can occur with air conditioners. A few of them are more common during the summer months.

Low Charge of refrigerant:


Air conditioners don't use refrigerant in their operation. Leaks in the pinhole can lead to refrigerants leaching out of coils and lines. This could result in low refrigerant costs. Longer operating times, lost energy, and overheating can be the result of the air conditioner operating on a low-charge. This issue can be fixed by a certified HVAC contractor who will seal any leaks.

Poor Ventilation:


There are a variety of factors that affect the flow of air into the HVAC unit. The most frequent summer issue is the presence of vegetation around the HVAC unit. This prevents the air from moving and keeps heat. There is a possibility of overheating as a result of this lack of efficiency. The intake air filter may be more blocked if the air conditioner is being used more often. In the summer it is recommended you change your filter each month. Filthy heating coils and dirty filters often have the same line. As the summer months begin check the coils and cleaned them so that air is flowing freely through them.

Problems with electricity:


Your HVAC electronic components are more prone to being damaged in the summertime. In particular, when operating an air conditioner, you must be extremely careful. The tool itself could damage the fins that are on the outside and could even cut electrical wires, so be mindful. You may want to consider hiring a professional complete the task for you. This service is offered by HVAC firms in Colorado Springs along with other HVAC services. The capacitor is perhaps the most well-known portion of the HVAC system and is usually out of service during summer. This electrical component could overheat in the event of an increase in workload or high heat from the sun.

Compressor failure


But, while many of the issues listed above are easily fixed but allowing them to remain without being addressed could result in the most costly issue and a failure of the compressor. Insufficient airflow or lack of charging could cause the compressor to overload, get hotter, and then eventually fail. It is crucial to contact a professional HVAC contractor immediately if your air conditioner stops working correctly. It's much better to avoid issues from occurring in the first place. Our Service HVAC technicians Colorado Springs include maintenance for your fall and spring HVAC systems.

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