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IBC Tote Mixers Are Available In A Variety Of Shapes

Dec 16

Tote mixing is a process of blending ingredients inside Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) or bag-in-box totes. These are large containers, often 275-gallons in capacity or more, that are used for storing, transporting and shipping liquids, dry and viscous materials. IBC’s have a built in pallet base, making them able to be lifted with a forklift or moved around on the floor of a warehouse. Ibc anti-contamination mixer allow for quick and easy batch changeovers allowing the blending of multiple recipes while the next tote is being filled, saving valuable time.

Portable IBC tote mixers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and speeds that work well with different applications and viscosities. White Mountain Process specialists can help you select the right tote agitator for your application.

An all-pneumatic IBC mixer agitator uses compressed air or gas to quickly re-suspend settled solids and emulsion components that have stratified on the bottom of your tote. These IBC tote agitators are lightweight, durable and easy to use and are designed to operate on standard ISO totes.

IBC mixers are equipped with a motor that has a 5.75" diameter collapsible mixing impeller that fits easily through the IBC’s 6” screw cap opening. Depending on the application, IBC mixers are either direct drive or have a gear driven motor that can be operated at various speed settings to match your mixing requirements. All IBC tote mixers are provided with an exhaust muffler and flow control valve that allows the motor speed to be adjusted. Optional Light lubrication or lube free air motors are also available, reducing maintenance needs and costs.

The even mix 1 HP air IBC tote mixer uses a NASA based engineering design that allows for the maximum amount of agitation while keeping the IBC agitator quiet and reliable. The patented mixed flow blade mixes and agitates liquids to create a vortex in the IBC container. The result is an evenly mixed and blended liquid product.

Adding a high shear cutter to your Matcon IBC mixer expands your IBC powder blending capabilities. This add-on enables liquid fats to be incorporated into your recipes as well as dispersing ingredients that will not blend by flow alone, thereby improving ingredient handling and eliminating the need for expensive inefficient cleaning practices that are associated with static mixers.

The newest addition to the Ibc anti-contamination mixer line is the Intensifier. This new IBC blender incorporates a high shear cutter into the IBC mixer, expanding your blending capabilities to include more cohesive powders and single-stage bakery mixing. This IBC tote mixer also reduces cleanup time by incorporating the mixing and injection into the blender rotation cycle, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention or the need to open the IBC. The Intensifier allows you to mix any recipe any time.