A Michigan couple who have been married for 47 years have died of coronavirus within minutes of each other.

A Michigan couple who have been married for 47 years have died of coronavirus within minutes of each other.

“They do absolutely everything at once and even though we’m shocked about it, when we look at it, we think it ‘s not surprising, because they’re always there and they have so much fun together in life,” he said. Her two daughters, Joana Sisk.

At first glance, the two are quite different: she is a senseless retired nurse, and she is a fun and crazy veteran truck driver. She is the boss, and he is the king of the beast. But the common denominator that everyone sees between Patricia and Leslie “LD” McWaters, Sisk says, is their true kindness and care for one another.

They often host pool parties, participate in family sports and dance at the bars where they meet.

“Pat is the most beautiful woman and the boy made her look beautiful in summer pants and boots!” Sisk remembers her father’s words.

But then Pat went to the hospital for treatment for a coronavirus infection, Sisk said. She was told to go home and separate, which she did. After 35 years in the medical field, she did not question Dr. Mor, even though he felt unwell, Sisk said.

The following week, the couple went to the gym again, this time in an ambulance. They stayed there for a week.

When they died of the virus, the hospital staff who took care of them said their time was about to call and recorded the same time: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 4:23 p.m.

“We who know them, know my mother goes first and says, ‘LD, it’s time to go!’ Sisk said.

New Jersey couple die an hour apart just two days after losing their son to coronavirus, says Phil Murphy

Ms. Sisk said she hopes her parents will have a different outcome in their illness, and although her family has never considered it as serious as they are now, she emphasizes the importance of putting on a mask to prevent it from spreading to others.

She specifically mentions the cause of their death in their legacy to spread awareness in hopes of saving the lives of others.

“I’m so excited for my mother, to be the nurse she’s … even in heaven she ‘s alive and it’ s so wonderful,” said Sisk.

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