Amazon Friday Sale Black 2020
Amazon Friday Sale Black 2020

Amazon Friday Sale Black 2020

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Black Friday is the day of the week. But as we have seen every year, the recipe starts before anyone starts cooking their Turkish food.

And Amazon is not wasting time this year, like we are See then high discount On very smart home devices.

If you’re waiting for the loudest Echos to come out and speak better than the pre-sale version, this is your lucky day. Full size 4th Gen Echo And the 4th Gen Echo Dot Family – Dot, Dot to the clock And Dot Kids Edition – Seeing all the discounts. And in fact, they are all falling apart all the time:

  • 4th Gen Echo Dot ($ 28.99, original $ 49.99;
  • 4th Gen Echo Dot with watch ($ 38.99, original $ 59.99;
  • 4th Generation Gen Echo Dot Kids Edition ($ 38.99, original $ 59.99;
  • 4th Gen Echo ($ 69.99, original $ 99.99;

If you want Earlier gen Echo Dot, Which looks like a donut knocking a hole or a big ice hockey hole, It is only $ 18.99, down from $ 29.99. Super Echo Flex that allows you to easily add Alexa in a seamless way Just $ 9.99, down from $ 24.99. Amazon will even do Echo for cars – the Echo Automatic, Which now on sale for $ 19.99, down from $ 49.99.

While in the smart screen department, all three Echo Shows are seeing discounts. Advantages here are the HD display, which allows you to make video calls, stream content from multiple services, and get visibility along with Alexa listeners:

  • Echo Show 5 ($ 44.99, originally $ 89.99;
  • Echo Show 8 ($ 64.99, original $ 129.99;
  • Echo Show 10 ($ 149.99, original $ 229.99;

The Echo Studio is not only the biggest echo, but it is packed with great sound, with a wide soundtrack, bass and clarity with ever-present sound. Now, You can rate it up to 20% off $ 159.99, Down from the original $ 199.99 price tag.

Echo Buds brings a solid sound and Alexa fits your ears. These are Amazon’s genuine wireless earbuds with dynamic and noisy noise reduction. The Echo Buds are priced at $ 79.99, down from $ 129.99.

Finally, Amazon’s most simple smart device: the Echo Wall Clock, A clock with multiple LED lights to display the timer and alarm. It, too, is for sale:

  • Echo Wall Watch ($ 23.99, originally $ 29.99;
  • Mickey Mouse Echo Wall Clock ($ 34.99, original $ 49.99;
Doorbell 3 Plus video ring

Doorbell 3 Plus video ring

Rings, A manufacturer of video door cabinets, smart lighting and connected alarm systems, has a great deal to offer now. As we have spent a lot of time at home this year, it may get you thinking about some of the upgrades you can make.

What better place to start then at your front door? The ring Doorbell Video 3, Highlighted by 1080pHD video quality, night vision and pre-fog video are now reduced, along with Video Doorbell Pro, Which must be hardwired, and Peephole Cam, Which replaces the non-smart peephole.

The following is a description of the current ring door:

  • Peephole Cam ($ 69.99, original $ 129.99;
  • Video Doorbell 2nd Gen ($ 69.99, original $ 99.99;
  • Doorbell 3 video with Echo Show 5 ($ 149.99, originally $ 289.98;
  • Doorbell 3 Plus video with Echo Show 5 ($ 169.99, originally $ 319.98;
  • Doorbell Pro Video Ring with Echo Show 5 ($ 169.99, original $ 249.99;
  • 1 set of Cam / cable ($ 79.99, original $ 99.99;
  • 2-Pack Stick Up Cam ($ 159.98, original $ 199.99;
  • Highlights Cam ($ 149.99, original $ 199.99;
  • 2-Pack Spotlight Cam ($ 299.98, original $ 349.99;

Amazon also has good sales in the Ring of Smart Light line. A19 bulb of the ring Do not switch colors, but you get a basic white light that can actively illuminate the room. 800 lumens.

Our favorite feature is that they integrate with your other Ring devices. For example, if you have a desk in the hallway, it can be triggered by an outside camera to activate it. You can also set a schedule for A19 bulbs. They will connect to your Wi-Fi and the larger Ring ecosystem through the system Bridge the same.

Here are all the suggestions:

  • A19 Bulb ($ 10.49, originally $ 14.99;
  • Two A19 bulbs and one bridge ($ 40.99, original $ 59.99;
  • 4 A19 bulbs and bridges ($ 59.99, original $ 89.99;

If you need a larger bulb for a larger bulb, the ring will provide the PAR38 bulb as well. Two sets of PAR38 to The Bridge are only $ 48.99, down from $ 69.99 on Amazon.

And the flames do not stop with each light bulb. Rings are popular How to use the battery Also see discounts:

  • Pathlight Battery ($ 20.99, original $ 29.99;
  • 4 power lines and bridges ($ 97.99, original $ 139.99;
  • 6 battery lanterns and electric bridge ($ 139.99, original $ 199.99;

If you are looking for self-charging outdoor lighting, Ring offers lighting solutions with built-in solar lights, a few that are currently discounted:

  • Solar Steplight ($ 22.99, originally $ 29.99;
  • Two solar panels and one bridge ($ 59.99, original $ 79.99;
  • Solar Route ($ 24.49, originally $ 34.49;
  • Solar Intersection and One Bridge ($ 111.99, formerly $ 159.99;
  • Solar lights and bridges ($ 76.99, original $ 109.99;

It is important to remember that one Ring Bridge Can accommodate up to 50 lights. If you have more than 50, you will need another bridge. Currently, They are priced at just $ 19.99, down from $ 49.99.

Last but not least, Alarm sound alert See discounts on almost every possible setting. Ring Alarm is a non-contracted security system that you can customize in any way. There is a basic package that includes a panel and a set of sensors. The rest of the devices in the Ring Ecosystem – such as Video Doorbell, Cams and even Flashlights – can be integrated into the Alarm System.

Here is the tip about Ring Alarm:

  • Gen Gen 2’s 5 Series Jewelry Set with Echo Dot ($ 119.99, Originally $ 239.98;
  • The second set of 8 Ring Alarm players includes the Indoor Cam and Free Echo Show 5 ($ 194.99, original $ 389.98;
  • Alarm 14 Alarm 14 Player Set 2 with Echo Dot ($ 199.99, original $ 369.98;

Th Eero on 6 And Pro 6 mesh routers, along with the older shock, are on sale:

Th Enter the Fire TV Stick Lite level Is the cheapest way to add some smarts to your TV. Amazon postponed entry-exit points before this and It is now priced at just $ 17.99, down from $ 29.99. It plugs into an HDMI port directly on the back of your TV and delivers full HD content. Like the more expensive Fire TV, this gives you access to thousands of streaming services at the touch of a button.

Along with discounts on Lite, the Stick TV Fire is down to $ 27.99, Down 30% from the original price of $ 39.99.

And those looking for 4K streaming experience will want to pick one 4K light TV station. It adds in faster processors and delivers high quality 4K resolution with HDR support. It’s only $ 29.99, 40% off regular price tag $ 49.99.

Th Fire TV Cube Is Amazon’s tugboat channel with hands that Alexa has not built in. You can talk to Cube as if it were an Echo Dot – allowing you to ask a helper to turn on the TV, adjust the volume, and even for specific content. It is for sale $ 79.99, Down from $ 119.99.

You can capture any of these streaming TV devices with a Recast, Which is important for smart DVRs that have ample storage space for local content storage. The 500GB Fire TV Recast is just that $ 129.99, Down from $ 229.99.

And if you are looking for a simple smart TV, The 32 ”Fire TV Edition fits the $ 119.99 bill. With the power of the Fire TV stick inside, you can instantly access thousands of cable services like HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video and countless more.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Photo: Jason Cipriani / CNN

Amazon’s tablets offer easy-to-use solutions for light gaming, streaming, and even web browsing. In addition, they run a customized version of Android called Fire OS, which allows you to access Amazon’s App Store. Alexa is also deeply integrated. With an uninterruptible power supply, you can still use 7 or more lights HD file 10 An Echo Show is like a smart screen. Th Kids Edition Comes with durable lid, awesome warranty and special baby interface.

  • Fire 7 Kids Edition ($ 59.99, original $ 99.99;
  • Fire HD 8 Kids Edition ($ 79.99, original $ 139.99;
  • The Fire HD 10 comes with 32GB ($ 79.99, originally $ 149.99;
  • Fire HD 10 with 64GB ($ 119.99, original $ 189.99;
  • Fire HD 10 Kids Edition ($ 129.99, original $ 199.99;

Kindle entry-level, accessible design with 6-inch widescreen and 8GB internal storage, Just $ 59.99 off the regular price tag of $ 89.99.

Surveillance cameras are also participating in the discount event. Earlier this year, we reviewed the Blink Mini and found that it was both a reliable and inexpensive camera. Now, It matches all previous time lows of just $ 24.99. That’s $ 10 of its regular $ 34.99 price – or you can score two of them for $ 49.98 (from $ 69.99).

In early September, Blink released the aspiring Outdoor Camera, most importantly the Rectangular Range Camera with AA batteries. Big features? It offers 1080pHD video and does not require a two-year battery conversion. Th Blink Outdoor drops to $ 64.99 (originally $ 99.99)) And packs two, three and five are all discounted.