Analysis: Donald Trump has left the world stage. There are ten people to miss him
Donald Trump's attempts to rig the election could not be resolved because of coronavirus cases

Analysis: Donald Trump has left the world stage. There are ten people to miss him

Mr. Trump has left the world with a sense of globality since he took over as the sole proprietor of the national brand “America First, Fair, Non-Free Trade”.

The Real Summit for Leaders of the World’s Richest Countries is being hosted by Saudi Arabia. Its aim is to unite countries against Covid-19, speed up testing, treatment and vaccination for all, while helping poor countries cope with the economic impact of an epidemic.

Evidence of a change in attitudes toward the US administration came from the mouth of Saudi Investment Minister Khalid al-Falih. “When the world needs leadership [to combat Covid-19] Mr. G-Falih did not mention Mr. Trump by name, you do not want, your audience understands.

In his G20 opening remarks, the King of Saudi Arabia also addressed the key Trumpian values: the World Trade Organization (WTO) is too powerful.

“We have adopted Riyadh’s initiative on the future of the WTO with the aim of making the future multilateral trading system capable of facing any future challenges,” said King Salman, enclosed by a zoom box that showed leaders, including Trump.

And, in an astonishing development, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is often at odds with the Saudis, overshadowed the King’s initiative. “Turkey is pursuing a fair global economic growth and sharing of welfare in line with WTO principles.” For this, the WTO reform process should go a step further. “

While the speaker stressed the importance of sharing and working together to accelerate the testing, treatment and vaccination of Covid-19 for all, the White House has a strangely different voice. White House Secretary of State Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement: “President Trump has highlighted how the United States is addressing all available resources in its response to the crisis, as well as the unprecedented economic recovery.”

While Mr. Trump’s actual speech was broadcast behind closed virtual doors, and the White House (unlike other governments) obscured the video, it was impossible to know Trump’s voice and reflection or audience response.

World leaders attend the G20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Aggressive news about climate change

In Trump’s second speech on Sunday, unlike the first broadcast, his voice was fluent and unobtrusive, his message was aggressive and familiar: controlling global climate change.

At the virtual public forum, former speakers, including the King of Saudi Arabia and the leaders of Australia, India and China, all praised the Paris Agreement on Climate Change 2015, which is critical to saving the world, the G20’s ultimate goal. On the other hand, Trump has announced that he plans to kill America.
The world has shifted to the bombing of angry Donald Trump after winning the election.

“The Paris Agreement is not designed to save the environment, it is designed to kill the American economy,” he said in a statement from the White House. “I refuse to give jobs to millions of Americans and send billions of dollars to the world’s worst polluters and environmentalists, and that is what will happen.”

In a room full of journalists and officials in Riyadh, as Trump’s speech was displayed on the big screen, almost no one cared, unlike when other people spoke.

This week saw a dramatic increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in the United States, with one case reported this week. The country currently has a total of 12 million people, and unlike other G20 countries, there is no setback.
So Covid’s claim to success, if that is what Trump is trying to achieve, may be met with polite eyes, or even laughter (magnified), similar to the response he received from the world leaders at the 2018 United Nations General Assembly when he was ousted.

The White House says Trump “reaffirms the importance of the G20 working together for future economic growth and prosperity.” But during the outbreak, he tried to systematically address what the G20 was working towards, by leaving and destroying the body of the only World Health Organization in the world, the World Health Organization.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who is perhaps the hardest-working international leader to get Trump to choose between “America First” policy, has used his G20 rhetoric to praise the WHO.

“The recommendations of the World Health Organization will be valuable in ensuring both effective and consistent priorities. [of Covid vaccines], “He said on Saturday.

By the time Macron speaks, Trump is on the golf course, his clear message to the G20: I’m done.

President Donald Trump plays in the Open in Sterling, Virginia on Saturday, November 21, 2020.


It seems that even if Trump can not accept it, the world is moving forward. As a G20 member, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to land in Saudi Arabia for a shorter visit than previously anticipated.

Pompeo is seen as a 2024 check on a trip to Israel while he stays at home
In recent months, Trump has been pressuring Saudis to open up relations with Israel in much the same way as its smaller UAE neighbors. Pompeo’s mission was a secret, but in the days leading up to work, he went to both the UAE and Israel, raising expectations that the last push to persuade the Saudis to take action

Pompeo was due to have a brief meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman before returning to Washington DC. It is not too late for an agreement to be made, but as every dirty day goes by, energy comes from the White House now.

Saudi Arabia, the venue for Trump’s first foreign visit as president, appears to be a mountain where his foreign influence has finally collapsed.

As we all know, no G20 participant told Trump with his blank slate that his time was up, and no one here would write him off until he finally disappeared.

But he seems to be making his own point as a G20 wrapper, and the King delivers the final statement while surrounded by people in their zoom room, Trump is not in his seat – rather than an understated underling, a final gesture of indifference.

For Trump to leave the top of the global rankings, it will be a happy break from four years of oppression and lies. The comparison was completed during the G20 summit.

The world is ready for President-elect Joe Biden; The bar for success is low, but expectations are high.