Analysis: Post-election media coverage shows the two Americans on the opposite path
Analysis: Post-election media coverage shows the two Americans on the opposite path

Analysis: Post-election media coverage shows the two Americans on the opposite path

They keep losing in court, so now they say “subversion.”

What will they say next? And when should fact-based news cover what they are saying?

America is in a dangerous place at the moment – despite the fact that the Trump’s legal movement seems to be patriotic and intended to fail. The fact that they are trying is detrimental to democracy, because millions of people believe lies, and believe that the ombudsman is the real liar.

I am the best thinker by nature, but I can not figure out the best thing to write here.

As I was sailing at night, I saw two continents of America on the same parallel – side by side – two states with completely different assumptions and expectations and sources. The halfway point is rooted in the fact that Mr. Trump has never been a popular president, has not been able to expand his base, and has been elected out of office. Another follow-up is the novel “BATTLE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE” starring Lou Dobbs, who says the election did not end, Trump will win, and if he does not, it will be because Democrats and the media steal it from him. One of the narrators, Trump’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, told Dobbs on Thursday that “all elections, frankly, in any country that has changed should be overthrown and the legislature should ensure that voters elect Trump.”

Leader of the Washington Post

For Friday And for the history books: “President Barack Trump are using the power of his office to try to implement the results of the elections, orchestrating process pressure means far to persuade officials Republican in Michigan, Georgia and elsewhere to topple the intent of the voter. After the court denied accusations that reason the advertising campaign on the corruption of the vote widespread, now President Barack’re trying to stay in power with attacks per objectivity of the vote by the information false and trying to persuade Republicans that allegiance to the manipulation of the electoral system on behalf of his …”

But Biden says he is not worried

Oliver Darcy writes: Asked at a news conference Thursday if he was concerned that Trump and his allies might be successfully elected president, Biden replied that he did not care. ‘”Most Americans’ do not buy what Trump is doing, which is true. Indicate That the majority of Republicans buy into useless – and Biden has shown no real interest in the aggressive comms strategy to counter the lies against him. How can he save the country when most Republicans think he stole the election?
>> Amanda Carpenter’s Points“I know Mr. Biden is focused on protecting COVID, but there must be some effort by the relevant groups to stop sending all messages to your president. This can not be answered at all …”

Fox News Press Team

Thursday’s Trump news cycle was driven by what WaPo’s Glenn Kessler called “President Trump’s extraordinary press conference.” Trump’s attorneys there – Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Joseph diGenova and Sidney Powell – are well known in the Trump-Fox base. It was an action, in fact, an event created for Fox. However, it was a cruel decision to hold the entire press conference – for an hour and a half – without verification. The mistake was made clear by independent critic Marie Harf, who said that the fraud of the mass vote was truly “dangerous to democracy” – when host Harris Faulkner cut her off from living with journalists.

Brianna Keilar notes that reporters are “so banana we really can not bring it to you, because it is only full of BS” but Fox, Newsmax and OANN went out and aired it all. As David Folkenflik said On Twitter, “If you are in the news business, it is not right to conduct a long press conference of Giuliani without any decision to observe the many ways in which people record conflicts with him.” Faulkner did not do that again. Even though Giuliani broke his credibility many years ago, she is still in the unusual position of Fox, who assumes that liars and hunters are true storytellers and heroes …

They are conspiracy theorists

Oliver Darcy wrote: “After watching the press conference, I suspect points when news began to notice that members of the legal team of Trump’s conspiracy theory? Spouting and what you may hear from Infowars’ Alex Jones. So why not explain such things? Only referring to them as” consultants “law does not let the audience know that these people ignorant do, and actually work to what they say some weight inappropriate and special …”

For the record

Mitt Romney’s statement on Thursday night: “It’s hard to imagine a worse and more ineffective act by the US president sitting …” (Twitter)
Earlier, NBC News’s policy editor, Benjy Sarlin, said: “In a few months, we will hear anonymous speeches urging the founders to argue some executive order about the brutality of people sitting quietly. (Twitter)
– Kevin D. Williamson Some questions have been asked, “Are we going to continue to pretend that this stupidity is not stupid?” Another: “How long will we continue to pretend that what is broadcast by Fox News and radio talk is a political expression rather than a propaganda that exposes the shameful, unbelievable and unfriendly?” (No)
– Matt Gertz notes that after Tucker Carlson said he was playing a bigger role on Fox News, the network’s “Live News” show has featured him more than a dozen times …Media story)

Paul Ryan, Where are you?

The former speaker is in a unique position because he is on the board of directors of Fox Corporation. Theoretically, at least, he was in power. And Mr. Trump’s insults are well known. But Ryan and the rest of Fox, the leader, appear to be content with denying the election’s heinous election campaign coverage.

Now, Fox executives will argue – Done Argue – that they are not as far right as Newsmax and OAN. But Fox has fully aired Rudy’s reporter. 7, 8, 9 and 10 pm on Thursday are all subject to property fraud. At 7 p.m., Martha MacCallum suggested that the Democrat election attorney, led by Marc Elias, hastened the Republican vote by changing the rules to increase the number of ballots counted. At 8 p.m., Tucker Carlson heaped Skeptical On Sidney Powell’s claim, but he is still the leader on the subject. He acted like an invisible man when he said, “Many Americans believe this election was right. They do not say it because they are crazy. They do not just say it because they are crazy. They can do it, and that this is a potentially dangerous problem for this country.” At 9 p.m., Sean Hannity claimed that “allegations of electoral irregularities continue.” And at 10 p.m., one of the banners below Laura Ingraham said, “DEMS & MEDIA IGNORE GROWING FRAUD ALLEGATIONS.”

Consider the implications of all that discussion, now. Are Paul Ryan and Murdochs proud of what Fox is producing?