Apple pays $ 113 million for 'battery' settlement
Apple pays $ 113 million for 'battery' settlement

Apple pays $ 113 million for ‘battery’ settlement

The company will pay $ 113 million Agree to the investigation By states including California and Arizona on the way Apple There is no transparency about its iPhone battery issue which causes the device to shut down unexpectedly. Instead of exposing the problem to consumers or replacing the battery, it pushed for a software update in December 2016 that affected the performance of older iPhones.
News of dissatisfied action Apple (AAPL) Consumers, igniting what some call “Battery“Many believe it is an attempt to encourage users to buy a new iPhone.
“Big Tech needs to stop misleading consumers and tell the whole truth about their practices and products,” said Arizona. Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who assisted in leading the investigation, in Press Release On Thursday. “I intend to hold these goliath tech companies accountable when they hide sensitive information from users.”
At that time, the company issued a certificate Rare apologyReduces battery price from $ 79 to $ 29, and adds features for iPhone users to monitor Battery Health.
The company said in 2017, “We know some of you feel that Apple has upset you. We apologize.” Statement. “First, we have never – and never done anything to shorten the life of any Apple product, or slow down the user experience to make customer improvements.”
Despite the number of offenses, it faces violations of the law. In March, Apple agreed to pay up to half a billion dollars to settle a lawsuit alleging it slowed down the iPhone to force users to buy new products.

In addition to the multi-million dollar payment, Apple has agreed to provide information on iPhone battery health, performance and power control on the website or installation notebook.