Assistant Mike Pence: At least five of the Vice President's close medical aides have been diagnosed with genital herpes.
Assistant Mike Pence: At least five of the Vice President's close medical aides have been diagnosed with genital herpes.

Assistant Mike Pence: At least five of the Vice President’s close medical aides have been diagnosed with genital herpes.

There is concern that people within Pence’s inner circle will test positive in the coming days. “They are scared,” said an official in the vice president’s office.

Vice President Mike Pence and second Vice President Karen Pence were diagnosed with epilepsy on Sunday. Despite contact with several people who have recently tested positive, Mike Pence is denying detention in defiance of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Pence’s office announced Saturday evening that Short had been diagnosed with Covid-19. Sources told CNN that Obst, a senior Pence political adviser but not a government employee, and at least three employees in Pence’s office had also been diagnosed with the virus.

Bauer, one of the employees who tested positive, according to two sources familiar with the matter, was “Pence’s body man”, claiming that his job was to go along with Pence throughout the day and night, leaving him with a lot of water, keeping him close to the vice president. Sources familiar with the matter told CNN that Bauer had not been in office since Tuesday, when he returned home to detention after contacting Obst. Bauer tested positive on Saturday.

In addition to announcing a positive test for Short, the Office of the Vice President will not comment on the identity of Pence, who recently tested positive for the virus or confirm the number of assistants. Bury the New York Times This is the first report on Pence Assistant.
In an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union”, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows declined to disclose the scope of the Covid-19 outbreak in Pence’s orbit, and said Pence would be “out of place” and “social distance” when he began his campaign.

“Sharing personal information is not something we should do,” Meadows told CNN’s Jake Tapper. Meadows said the revelations were appropriate only in the case of President Donald Trump, the vice president or those in their inner circle.

“Whenever someone is in danger, we have an obligation to let people know about the contract,” Meadows said.

An official told CNN that Pence, who heads the White House coronavirus’s plans to continue campaigning and campaigning every day on the last day of the election, told CNN.

Following North Carolina later Sunday, Pence will travel to Minnesota on Monday and return to North and South Carolina on Tuesday. He is also expected to return to the Upper Midwest this week. Officials say Pence will continue to test, but like Trump, there are still plans to stay on track every day next week.

The development raises questions about the White House security and transparency protocol, as cholera has killed at least 225,000 Americans.

The news comes just a week before election day amid the cessation of the campaign by Pence, who led the White House Dengue Fever Task Force, including the vice president, to Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire last week.

Pence, who was known to rarely wear a mask while flying on Air Force Two, traveled Saturday to Florida for rallies in Lakeland and Tallahassee. The Vice President walked across the tarmac from Marine Two onto the deck and boarded the Air Force Two about half an hour after the scheduled time.

Pence left Air Force Two in Florida, running down the stairs and running across the icy, turbulent waters as he approached the podium. The Office of the Vice President issued the statement shortly after Pence landed at Andrews Air Force Base.

Pence Press Secretary Devin O’Malley said: “Today, Marc Short, the vice president for the Vice President, was tested positive for COVID-19, initiated a detention and assisted in the follow-up process.”

“While Vice President Pence is considered to be in close contact with Short, in consultation with White House medical staff, the Vice President will maintain his schedule in accordance with CDC guidelines for necessary personnel,” the statement said.

As Trump returned to Washington at midnight from a campaign rally in Ohio, he said he heard about Short’s diagnosis.

“He will be fine, but he is not detained,” Trump said.

On Sunday evening, Short told CNN that he was experiencing mild symptoms after a positive test. “I’ve done well. It is difficult to know if the symptoms are related to Covid or four years working at the White House. The symptoms are not severe,” he said.

On Saturday, a source familiar with the matter told CNN that Obst was diagnosed with a coronavirus earlier this week. Although Obst will be traveling to Pence recently, the White House has not released or confirmed information about his positive test in recent days, two sources familiar with the situation told CNN.

Sources told CNN that Meadows and the vice president were trying to silence the news of the disease. The source described Pence’s and Meadows’ behavior as a “cover-up” for trying to cover up information from the public.

Shorts have been seen on the line of active advertising on the use of masks for months, including earlier this week on board Air Force Two. Neither Pence nor Short wore a mask on Pence’s travels on Thursdays and Fridays.

As Pence’s chief of staff, Short is a key contributor to the U.S. coronavirus response. He is reportedly backing out of an economic approach to the global epidemic.

Anthony Fauci, a global epidemiologist who is familiar with discussions within the Department of Communicable Diseases, told CNN. Sources said the briefing would normalize Fauci during the work meeting, believing doctors’ concerns about Covid-19 were outdated. According to the source, the attitude has spread across many of Pence’s teams. CNN contacted Pence’s office for comment.

The CDC has issued instructions that people should stay home for 14 days after contacting someone with Covid-19.

Despite Pence getting close to Short recently on Friday, the vice president plans to continue his campaign. On Saturday evening, the Vice President’s Office released his schedule for Sunday, which includes travel and additional remarks at a protest rally in North Carolina.

Short’s diagnosis comes after President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and several aides and White House staff members tested positive. Pence, joined by Short, resumed an active and non-quarantine campaign schedule, with his doctor saying in a statement at the time that he did not have to because he was not close to Trump or any other person who tested positive.

Pence aide, Communications Director Katie Miller, was previously diagnosed with coronavirus in May.

After the White House outbreak and Trump’s inauguration, there were no significant changes to the Trump or Pence campaign, with social differences and bigotry. Attendees wear a cane at a Pence event on Saturday in Lakeland, Florida.

Short’s confirmed case also comes as the nation faces an increasing number of cases.

The United States recorded a one-day high number of Covid-19 infections on Friday of more than 83,000 – more than 6,000 higher than the nation’s previous record in July.

This story was updated with additional reports on Sunday.

CNN’s John Harwood and Jason Hoffman contributed to this report.