Author of 2018 'Anonymous' Criticism of Trump Revealed

Author of 2018 ‘Anonymous’ Criticism of Trump Revealed

Taylor, the chief of staff of Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, wrote a lengthy statement explaining why he had written the 2018 banner as part of a “resistance” within the Trump administration working to thwart the worst of the Trump trend. Taylor says he wants to force Trump to respond to accusations he is escalating without the ability to attack a particular messenger. Mr. Trump has called the opposition op-ed.

The decision was not an easy one, I disagree with it, and I understand why some consider it a question of dismissing the harsh allegations against the president sitting under anonymity but my reasoning is straightforward, and I stand by that, “Taylor wrote.

“My critical remarks have forced the president to answer them directly about their virtues or not at all, rather than distracting them through slander and defamation,” Taylor said. “I want to focus on the debate myself.”

Taylor joined CNN as a contributor in September 2020.

Taylor’s statement is the answer to President Trump’s biggest mystery. Trump responded strongly to the opposition when it was written in 2018, and called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the matter. There was an internal hunt at the White House to reveal the author’s identity, and it took months to make an impact. Game stores in Washington Guess who is behind the op-ed through the speech patterns and phrases used.
The following year, Taylor released an anonymous book called “Warnings,” which included details criticizing the president from within the Trump administration. He wrote that members of Trump’s team were considering eliminating him to urge Trump to resign, and that many executives kept their resignation notes on their desks or laptops.
Since leaving the Trump administration in 2019, Taylor has endorsed President Joe Biden in August and jointly formed a presidential group opposed to Trump.

“I am a Democrat and I wish this president every success,” Taylor said in a statement issued Wednesday. “But too often, during times of crisis, Donald Trump proved he was an unqualified man, and his personal shortcomings made the failure of that leadership so significant that they could be measured in the lives of lost Americans.”

The White House has been critical of Taylor since Biden’s endorsement, and Trump calls him As a “dissatisfied employee.”

Taylor said he hoped the people in the administration would vote against Trump more, noting that many of his superiors had done so in different ways since leaving office.

“I have seen firsthand Trump’s inability to work for two and a half years in office. Everyone sees it, although most are reluctant to speak out for fear of retaliation,” Taylor wrote.

On the occasion of 2018, entitled “I am part of the internal opposition in the Trump administration,” Taylor did not write anonymously, saying “several senior bosses on his own board are working diligently from within to make parts of his agenda the worst possible trend.”

But Taylor said the original assertion was incorrect.

“The country cannot rely on unscrupulous officials who are not elected around the president to guide him in the right direction,” Taylor said Wednesday.

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