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“Be careful what you want”

President Brad Schneider, Pool ຳ

President Brad Schneider, a Democrat from Illinois, was among those who were forced to flee as rioters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday.

He told CNN he was “extremely disappointed” by the lack of information from the Capitol on what went wrong and what had changed as a result of the insurgency.

“I’m disappointed, disappointed that we did not have those briefings, not only for us, but for the American people. Theft is more local than we get in this,” Schneider said.

“I’m part of the discussion and news coverage within the Democrats. We do not have abstracts. We can not have a categorical summary. Absolutely not. I do not have the technology to be part of a categorical summary.

Schneider praised the Capitol and the police chief, who he believed did the best they could under difficult circumstances, but he was quick to point out that it was not necessary for them.

“What happened on Wednesday, can be prevented. It is envisaged before. Reported, you simply must see social media, I saw a report today that the FBI had concerns about the effectiveness referred to war can not be solved in the Capitol. There are steps that I believe police Capitol, others can be taken to keep the crowd away far, and position back, so even if they destroy obstacles first, they can stop his secondary or third episode, and we should have been reported more frequently on the response slow, communication was not good.”

Schneider is not alone in his concerns. Many members believe they have not received nearly the level of information they need from the Capitol and, according to senior Democrats, frustration is growing.

“For every suspicious package on the mountain, I will receive 10 emails in real time. Then, when talking about this biggest security breach in the past, we heard a lot,” said the assistant.

In particular, the complaint is that there is real-time information shared by the Capitol and this officer does not feel to have any level of coordination when it comes to updates and alerts – basically it is radio silence. Aside from the briefing that was quickly arranged on Monday night, there was no head of staff from the Capitol Police to members.

Schneider also expressed concern that some police officers might be involved in or assisting terrorists. He said the re-establishment of the grassroots in the implementation of military duties and law enforcement is an issue at any time and one of the issues that needs to be addressed.

“I have heard about it and yes, I have been concerned about the violence within our law enforcement and even our military for a long time,” Schneider said. He pointed to legislation he had proposed in the past to address the issue.

“We need to understand the risks, and then develop plans and implement those plans to address and manage those risks. My hope is that at this next conference, we will be able to do that.”

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