Berlin police fired artillery as protesters opposed the Covid-19 ban

Berlin police fired artillery as protesters opposed the Covid-19 ban

Police officers off the street while people joined the protesters in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday. Michael Sohn / AP

Officials are using artillery and spraying pepper while they try to scattered protests against restrictions syndrome coronavirus in the capital German police in Berlin said Wednesday.

The protest took place near the Brandenburg Gate, a short distance from the German capital, Reichstag, which was temporarily closed.

Officials in the strike was targeting “glass, stone fireplace and fuel injection. They then used physical force and pepper spray and arrested a number of attackers, ”said a tweet from Berlin police.

The media tweeted that because the protesters “did not fulfill their obligation to leave the place, people were simply thrown by our artillery.”

Television footage showed tensions between police and protesters. Police tried to move the parade from the strike slowly tweeting after the strike was withdrawn.

The council is in session and a debate is to be held in the conference room.

Berlin police spokesman Stefan Petersen told CNN earlier that thousands of protesters had gathered near the parliament building in central Berlin.

Petersen said protest organizers had called for permission to protest in the no-protest zone around the German parliament, and not allowed it, Petersen said.

Television footage showed many performers uncluttered and not far from society. Some protesters held right-wing flags for the German political party (AfD), and at the populist banner – now flown the flag to the right because of the ban on swastika in Germany.

The Berlin Police Department has written that the request for a custody has no effect.

About 2,200 police officers will be deployed Wednesday, Petersen said.