Biden and Johnson expected to lift US-UK travel restrictions Covid-19

Biden and Johnson expected to lift US-UK travel restrictions Covid-19

Biden and Johnson are expected to announce to the Travel Commission that they will explore options and provide advice on how to return safely to international travel. The president is scheduled to meet with Johnson on Thursday during his first trip abroad as president ahead of the forthcoming Group of Seven summit in the south-west of Britain.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Wednesday that the United States has set up two groups of health experts – one from the United Kingdom and one from the European Union.

Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One, “The focus of these task forces is to share information and identify both milestones and criteria to make the journey between our two countries as open as possible, in line with public health guidelines.”

Biden and Johnson are also expected on Thursday to agree on a Atlantic rule model based on the historic proclamation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941, which set the goal of the United States and Britain after World War II after World War II.

“There will be an amendment to the Atlantic law, which is now 80 years old, so there will be a statement of principle between the United States and the United Kingdom as a free society and a free people speaking out about what we believe in the 21st century,” Sullivan told reporters.

The Charter will outline the priorities, values ​​and challenges that include protecting democracy, reaffirming the importance of inclusive security, establishing a fairer and more sustainable global trading system, combating cyber-attacks, addressing climate-based disasters and disasters, and addressing climate change.

Biden and Johnson are also expected to agree on a bilateral technology agreement to be signed next year, according to sources. The agreement will focus on reducing the barriers that British technology companies face when trying to work with US partners.

Private policy between US and British leaders often plays a key role in the “special relationship” between the two superpowers across the Atlantic. Roosevelt and Churchill were close associates, as were Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President Bill Clinton, and then, much to the surprise of many, Blair and US President George W. Bush in the Iraq war.

Johnson is a favorite of US President Donald Trump, who praised him for shuffling Brexit, Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. During the 2020 campaign, Biden referred to Johnson as Trump’s “physical and emotional campaign.”

Biden also reserved the depth of Britain’s exit from the European Union – a move that Johnson won and backed him as prime minister. Biden is expected to press Johnson on the issue during their talks, and in particular on how it might affect it. Good Friday promises In the Irish.

But the leaders, hoping to rekindle ties, are pushing for a commitment to highlight their fundamentals on issues such as climate change and the Covid-19 vaccine beyond their differences. Their meeting before the start of the G7 is a sign of the importance of the two sides in relations, according to officials.

Johnson, as the host of the summit, has set a goal for global immunization by 2022. He will also host a major climate conference later this year that Biden attaches great importance to global carbon emissions.

The two men worked together earlier this year when Biden hosted their own climate summit, which was meant to be a waterfall representing Johnson’s Johnson’s event in Scotland.

The new Atlantic law is expected to be an important symbolic affirmation of the values ​​of the two countries with close ties.

The original document was issued on August 14, 1941 and is considered one of the major milestones in the establishment of the United Nations in 1945. The government, states that the United States and Britain will not seek territorial benefits from war, easing trade restrictions and post-war disarmament petitions.

The announcement comes as the president seeks to renew US commitments against foreign allies and partners and underscores his commitment to working with other countries to resolve global issues. The president arrives in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, and will also travel to Belgium and Switzerland for meetings with other world leaders, including a summit expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Following the summit, President and First Lady Jill Biden will meet with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Tower on Sunday. Meeting with Biden will make him the 13th American president to meet the 95-year-old queen.

The President will then travel to Brussels to attend the NATO summit on Monday, where he is expected to reaffirm US commitment to NATO, transatlantic security and collective defense.

Biden will then attend the EU-EU summit on Tuesday, where leaders are scheduled to discuss health security, global economic recovery, the climate crisis, digital trade and trade cooperation, and democratization and democratization.

Biden will then travel to Geneva, Switzerland, to meet with Putin on June 16.

This story was updated with more details on Wednesday.