Biden's replacement's Trump administration refuses to recognize victory
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Biden’s replacement’s Trump administration refuses to recognize victory

Emily Murphy Susan Walsh / AP

The new leaders of Biden-Harris, Jen Psaki and Yohannes Abraham again spoke to reporters today in a brief statement: Refusal to be sure of the election, A warning about national security and the impact on public health on Americans.

“This is not a game of talking to anyone. “Our inability to initiate an informal review process has the potential to have a real impact across the country,” he said.

Remember: Th Current GSA Executive, Emily Murphy, Has not yet accepted Joe Biden’s victory – while President Trump refuses to accept it – and signed a memorandum to release the money to the Biden Transformation Team through a process called Certainty.

Asked if they believed Wall Street’s background was dangerous or an asset to work at the White House, Psaki said: “I do not think it is safe to say that he is not a fan of Wall Street policies or a proponent of many policies that some people may be endorsing or encouraging. His records speak for themselves and his composition and work speak for themselves. ”

The team emphasizes that Kamala Harris is “an insignificant part” of all personnel discussions that take place during the transition and will continue to play that role.

In the possible Announcement in the upcoming Cabinet“I urge the people to wait until we have announced a version of the cabinet and, of course, more than just the names of the White House,” Psaki reacted to the progressive group that came out on the rumored list.

Psaki and Abraham both stressed that when Biden takes office in January, they will continue to follow science to make the safety of their team a priority, noting that expanding from home to work requires them not to work in a vacant position.

They did not share details on how much or how little people might physically work from the White House.