Biden's victory over Trump surpassed 6 million votes
Biden says Trump will go down in history as the party of the most irresponsible president.

Biden’s victory over Trump surpassed 6 million votes

Mr. Trump has refused to concede victory in the 2020 election, even though Mr. Biden will win a landslide victory in the electoral college and popular vote. The vice president received nearly 80 million votes, more than any other US presidential candidate in history, with a fair majority. Mr. Trump received nearly 74 million votes.

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CNN and other agencies estimate that Biden won the race nearly two weeks ago, with 20 votes in the Pennsylvania election giving him the 270 votes needed to become president. Biden is expected to get 306 votes in the election, while Trump received 232 votes, the same number that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The president has refused to run in the by-elections, has made false allegations of widespread voter fraud without evidence and has sought to undermine the democratic process. Judges dismissed the case on the grounds that it was fraud, pointing out that there was no evidence.

Americans have voted by letter this year to protect themselves from exposure to the epidemic in the middle of a global epidemic. Experts have warned for months that the vote count will take a long time and may not be known on election night, or even the next day.

The president and his allies are trying to cast doubt on the entire voting process and have refused to co-operate in the transition. General Services Director Emily Murphy has refused to officially launch the presidency, barring Biden from accessing millions of dollars in tax and other resources. Biden’s team warns that the delay has real-world implications for national security and their response to coronavirus.