Billionaire Bill Gross is accused of suing 'Gilligan's Island Song' over his neighbor
Billionaire Bill Gross is accused of suing 'Gilligan's Island Song' over his neighbor

Billionaire Bill Gross is accused of suing ‘Gilligan’s Island Song’ over his neighbor

Gross, co-founder of investment firm PIMCO, and’s partner Amy Schwartz, installed a large glass enclosure on their Laguna Beach property along a property-sharing route with neighbors, Mark Towfiq, CEO of Nextfort Ventures data center development company, and his wife, according to Tolow’s Carahqhara lawsuit, according to Carol Nhara. Gross and Schwartz later installed large power poles and protective shields, and Towfiq and his wife alleged that the installation partially closed their ocean view.

After months of unsuccessful attempts to discuss the matter with Gross, according to Towfiq and Nakahara, they filed a complaint against Laguna Beach in June. The complaint prompted a district investigation into whether the installation, extinguishing and fire was a violation of the District Code and without a proper permit, according to the complaint.

Shortly afterwards, Towfiq and Nakahara accuse Gross of retaliating against them by harassing and harassing them with “bizarre noises and recordings of extravagant sounds” during the hours of day and night – including pop or rap music, and often a series of song-themed TV songs, according to the “Gill” theme song.

Gross and Schwartz sued Towfiq for the first time – on October 13, Towfiq and Nakahara filed their lawsuits the next day, on October 14.

Gross accused Towfiq of “destroying” him and Schwartz, and Gross’s lawsuit called for a temporary restraining order, according to court documents. Towfiq and Nakahara’s lawsuit alleges that Gross and Schwartz carried out “targeted propaganda of harassment and harassment” that resulted in a dispute over the installation of art statues on Gross property.

“Towfiq harassed and invaded the privacy of Gross and his partner Amy Schwartz,” said Joss Basinger, a lawyer representing Gross. “We have taken the complaint to the suspect because of his unreasonable actions, which go back many years within this community and to other neighboring countries.”

Basinger called Towfiq “vicious” and “vindictive,” and said he was “an aggressor against Gross and Schwartz.”

But Towfiq and Nakahara’s lawyers say otherwise.

Attorney Jennifer Keller said in a statement to CNN Business, “Gross is a millionaire who has the right to be used to harass colleagues, family and neighbors.” “Gross filed his own complaint only as a necessary protest after learning that my client intends to seek help from the court.”

The couple accused Gross and Schwartz of trying to persuade them to file a complaint with the city. On one occasion, when Towfiq’s song “Request with Respect” was rejected, Gross replied, “Peace be upon all or good. [sic] There was only a big boys’ night concert, ”Towfiq complained.

Towfiq’s complaint says the alleged abuse was so disturbing that it forced Towfiq and Nakahara out of their homes and elsewhere. Both were granted a temporary ban on October 16.

Towfiq’s lawsuit states that Gross and Schwartz have been living on their Laguna Beach property since 2018 and will usually stay at their home on the weekends. Towfiq and his wife have lived in their home since 2009.

The hearing is set for Nov. 2, with representatives from both Gross and Towfiq saying. The hearing is to determine whether a civil restraining order will be issued.

The total has been extended until November 16 to obtain a valid license. He is “in the process of licensing,” according to Gross’ attorney.

In 2014, Gross said he was fired from PIMCO, a company he co-founded in 1971. File a lawsuit To the company in 2015 for his improper withdrawal, which both parties Achieved $ 81 million settlement In 2017.
The total value is about 1.5 billion dollars, According to Forbes.

Correction: An earlier version of this story was incorrectly stated when the Gross ban came into force. It came into force on October 16.