California bridge accident sends SUV plummeting, killing four

California bridge accident sends SUV plummeting, killing four

An SUV spun out of control and went over a barrier on the Carquinez Bridge in Northern California on Tuesday night, plummeting more than 200 feet and killing the driver and three passengers.

Dashcam video from another vehicle shows the SUV driving at a high rate of speed on Interstate 80 toward the bridge in Crockett, near San Francisco, before losing control and spinning out, FOX 2 of the Bay Area reported. It then went over the side and fell on a parked freight train.

The Contra Costa County coroner identified the victims as Kyle Erickson, 19; Christopher Mata, 21; Cecilia Ayala, 22; and Perla Navarro, 19, who was two months pregnant, according to FOX 2.

“She was always very loving, warm, and nurturing,” Veronica Martinez, Navarro’s mother, said, adding that Navarro had recently graduated from Golden Gate Community School. “Not going to be able to talk to her or see her walk through the door, or hold my grandbaby.”

The California Highway Patrol is handling the investigation and said it has yet to know what caused the crash.

“We don’t know if it’s due to high speed or traffic related issues,” CHP Officer David Harvey said.

This is the third time a car has gone over the barrier near the bridge, according to FOX 2.