Cardinals' Kyler Murray 'definitely' will be taking a knee

Cardinals’ Kyler Murray ‘definitely’ will be taking a knee

Quarterback Kyler Murray says he was kneeling during the national anthem this season.

The Arizona Cardinals’ emerging star – who was the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2019 – wasn’t particularly vocal about social issues during his first season, but said that would change in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd, a black man,. while in police custody in Minneapolis.

“Yeah, I’m being kneeling,” Murray said Wednesday. “I stand for right, responding to the bottom line. I call it like I see it. You’ve been going on is completely wrong. “Definitely be taking a knee.”

The 22-year-old Murray said he had a lot of bad experiences with the police growing up but added that he was lucky because he was usually recognized as a famous football player. The quarterback said the “peaceful protests, I think amazing” and he is confident younger people will be the catalyst for real progress.

“I do feel like it’s seeing change,” Murray said. “Just because of my generation, diverse so. We know what racism is but I feel like it’s not a lot of it in my generation.

Kyler Murray
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“I know generations above me, my parents’ generation, a lot of racism, whether we want to believe it or not, there is. It’s a lot of hate in this world, but I think that’s happening, what’s happening right now, is huge. “

Murray joins other NFL players who have indicated they were kneeling during the anthem this season, including Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Murray and Mayfield are close friends who were teammates in college at Oklahoma and who won the Heisman Trophy in back-to-back seasons.