Congressman Andy Kim collects garbage in the Capitol after clashes

Congressman Andy Kim collects garbage in the Capitol after clashes

“It’s really natural,” New Jersey Democrats told CNN. I do not like to think about it, I just want to do something. “I feel like I have to try to play a role in solving this problem.”

“We have had this unbelievable raw debate openly. Everyone is very excited, still lively,” said Kim.

This Thursday morning, he decided to walk around the building, which was still paved with broken glass and other debris.

“I went back to Rotunda and was devastated by what I saw. It was just the worst condition it could have ever been – the rubbish and debris on the statues, the floor, some of the evacuation, and there was broken furniture, a broken American flag and elements.”

He saw the officer throwing the pizza box and asking him if there were any more trash cans.

He then collected trash at the Capitol Rotunda and the National Convention Hall.

Some photographers photographed Kim at work and they were widely shared on social media.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Share the photo on Twitter and say Kim “A great representative of New Jersey and our nation. A true public servant who makes us proud every day.”

At one point, Kim passed a key sign posted by President George Washington.

“Such moments reminded me that this building is bigger than all of us, democracy is bigger than all of us, and it deserves and demands our respect,” Kim said.

Kim is the son of a Korean immigrant and says he is humble enough to represent New Jersey’s 3rd constituency, which President Trump won in 2016 and 2020. He is also afraid to work on the Capitol, which he calls the “Temple of Our Democracy.”

“If anyone feels the ability to ignore our Capitol, to carry the Confederate flag into that building and to be proud of all around, this is someone, these are people, who do not respect the government,” Kim said. “They are not as humble as we need to be. These are people who are not inspired by this building, and do not understand what goes into building it, what goes into protecting it.”

Five people were killed during the uprising, including Capitol police chief Brian D. Sicknick.
Kim is on a long list of Democrats calling for President Trump to be ousted before President Biden takes office on January 20.

“We need urgent action, but that is not going to solve everything,” he said.

He said it was important to work to restore America’s respect for government and each other.

“I have hope, but I am not stupid. I understand the profound challenges we face,” Kim said.

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