Covid-19 distribution is "faster" and "wider" than before, Birx said
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Covid-19 distribution is “faster” and “wider” than before, Birx said

Covid-19 is spreading faster Than in the past United States, With schools in some states capable. The country is currently in the same situation as France, Belgium and the Czech Republic was last month, when infections increased rapidly causing their health care systems within weeks to fail.

But these countries can avoid, for the worst case scenario, where people die because there are so many hospitals and they do not have access to the care they need to survive. They slow down the spread of disease Locking And strict masks.

Despite clear evidence from Europe, the White House has opposed the restrictions. Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday: “President Trump wants me to make it clear that our team, this administration and our president do not want to shut down the nation again. White House coronavirus first case Brief summary from July.

“They have to look at the European situation,” said Mike Tildesley, an epidemiologist at the University of Warwick and a British government science adviser.

“And I mean, what we have done in Europe is imperfect, these governments may have reacted a little bit slowly, but at least they have reacted. They are doing what they can to make sure that health services are not taken over. And I think this is clear.”

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