Cuomo threatens to shut down Manhattan, the Hamptons over social distancing
Cuomo threatens to shut down Manhattan, the Hamptons over social distancing

Cuomo threatens to shut down Manhattan, the Hamptons over social distancing

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday threatened to shut down Manhattan and the Hamptons again if residents do not adhere to the state’s social distancing rules.

“It’s not going to go back to that dark place because local governments do their job” and people don’t take proper precautions amid the coronavirus, Cuomo said.

He said the state had received 25,000 complaints about health-safety violations since the start of the pandemic – an “alarming” figure that mainly involved bars and restaurants.

“Manhattan and the Hamptons are the leading areas in the state with violations,” Cuomo said.

“These are not hard-to-spot violations. People send videos of these violations, ”the governor said – two days after at least 200 people were caught on video partying together, many without masks, around St. Louis. Marks Place in the East Village in Manhattan.

“They are rampant, and that’s not enough enforcement,” he said of violators.

“Not going to allow situations to exist, that we know has a high likelihood of causing an increase in the virus,” Cuomo said. “Local governments, do your job.

If “local governments are not monitoring policing, doing the compliance, yes, there is a very real possibility that we would roll back the reopening of those areas.”

The governor said he personally phoned “a couple of bars and restaurants myself when I saw pictures of their situations. … And I said to them, ‘Just playing with you [liquor] license. ‘”

New York City is currently in Phase One of the state’s four-stage reopening plan, meaning curbside retail is allowed, as well as the restart of general construction and manufacturing. Mayor Bill de Blasio said he expects the city to enter Phase Two hopefully by early July, which would allow such things as outdoor seated dining at restaurants.

Long Island, where the Hamptons are, entered Phase Two last week. Regions must see their low coronavirus figures – including deaths, hospitalizations and positive-test rates – stay at least steady for two weeks before they can be considered moving on to the next phase.

Cuomo called it “disrespectful” to everyone if you didn’t wear a mask, including healthcare workers who died on the front lines fighting the contagion.

“Show a modicum of respect,” he said. “Wear masks.”