DC protesters topple, torch confederate statue on Juneteenth

DC protesters topple, torch confederate statue on Juneteenth

Protesters in Washington, D.C., tore down and set fire to a statue of Confederate general Albert Pike after a day of Juneteenth rallies.

Roughly 80 or so demonstrators jumped and cheered after others used ropes to topple the monument in the Judiciary Square neighborhood late Friday night.

The fallen statue – the only confederate monument in the nation’s capital – was then promptly lit on fire, with one protester. filmed lighting a cigarette on its embers as others chanted “black lives matter!”

The statue is among many in the United States and overseas cities that were targeted during the civil unrest over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

Officials across the country have promised to reevaluate their monuments, in some cases pledging to take them down outright. In others, protesters have taken it upon themselves to either seriously vandalize or tear down controversial statues.

President Trump late Friday called for the arrest of everyone involved in Pike’s takedown.

“The D.C. Police are not doing their job as they watch a statue being ripped down & burn. These people should be immediately arrested, ”the president said tweeted. “A disgrace to our Country!”