Dominic Thiem faces Novak Djokovic in the race to advance to the ATP Finals
Dominic Thiem faces Novak Djokovic in the race to advance to the ATP Finals

Dominic Thiem faces Novak Djokovic in the race to advance to the ATP Finals

The US Open made his best performance during the tournament of the biggest scores, saving points and setting a point to reach Sunday’s final.

Both players were paired in the opening set until Thiem had a late first match into the first set, which was ultimately decided.

The pair competed in the second round of the mammoth group, with both of them fighting the winning shot, before Djokovic was finally able to compete.

In the decisive third set, they could not be separated again, and Thiem made an outstanding performance in the third set, going from 4-0 down to the final to reach the final in London for the second year in a row.

“It was a definite psychological battle,” Thiem later said.

“I mean, I’m tense in the second set, first of all, because these legends are going to have something special and the finals of the ATP Finals are very special. With the big head in New York, I’m going to be a little quiet, but that’s wrong, I guess.”

“I feel as tense and frustrated as ever. And it’s the best thing, that match, like every single match the best players in the world are facing.” Through and just trying to get ready for tomorrow. ”

Few to separate them

In the Open Series, each player holds their service game until very late, with their powerful and excellent games proving too much for each one.

Tensions proved that Thiem was too much at once, after losing the game to put Djokovic in the opener, he threw his shirt off the court into the stands in apparent disappointment.

The decisive break occurred in the 11th game of the narrow series, finally Thiem stepped up Djokovic service game to make it 6-5. He played his next service game to win the opening set and move within the designated venue in the final.

Thiem throws a damaged bag to a member of his team.

After a short break for the players to catch their breath and get some nutrients, the second set begins in a similar vein, which both players serve.

Djokovic, who looked strong as the competition progressed, was unable to capitalize on the breakpoints he had created on his own, as the second set continued at all levels.

And as he did all the matches, Thiem stepped up in the biggest part of the game, saving two points set in his last service game to throw the second set.

As it became clear, the two players were trying to separate. Djokovic won 4-2 before Thiem returned, only for Djokovic to pick up two points at a later time.

The pair continued to defend each other, winning the second set, saving the pair and the set point, before Djokovic grabbed the winning spot as Thiem’s ​​return could meet the same side.

In the third major series, it’s similar. Both players serve as they try to defeat each other, wanting to cut the line to judge them again.

Djokovic served during his match against Thiem.

With a 4-0 win, Djokovic failed to stop Thiem from recovering in the next round before Austria took the lead.

Djokovic scored one point but could not save a second as Thiem advanced to the finals.

Thiem will face Daniil Medvedev or Rafael Nadal in the final on Sunday. Medvedev and Nadal play later Saturday.