Donald Trump has ruled American democracy as he holds power
Mr. Trump has said his allies are trying to get back to the Democratic Party to question the legitimacy of his own election.

Donald Trump has ruled American democracy as he holds power

“It would change the outcome of the Michigan election if you were to leave Wayne,” Giuliani said at a crowded, disgruntled and disinterested news conference that included a crew of Trump TV lawyers in Washington.

Giuliani’s team is also making unreasonable allegations of large-scale, centrally conspiracy-related conspiracy involving Venezuelan lawmakers Hugo Chavez, Cuba, China, the Clinton Foundation and George Soros to throw the election

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Many of Trump and Giuliani’s drills seem so shocking and bizarre that they are hard to take seriously. But constitutional experts are warning that the president is acting irresistibly against the nation.

“The problem is, he is speaking for the president of the United States,” Republican election attorney Benjamin Ginsberg told Wolf Blitzer CNN.

“It was a major attack and there was no evidence of one of the fundamental bases of the country – our free elections.”

Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School, said Michigan lawmakers who visited the White House Friday may be walking into an illegal meeting.

Tribe told CNN’s Erin Burnett, “I’m worried that any of the journalists who attended this conference and that this wonderful blessing is a conspiracy to steal the election.” “There is no question that the ongoing meeting is illegal. There is no question that it was improperly designed to rob people of their right to vote.”

Tribe says the Trump campaign has lost more than 20,000 cases.

“It is clear that Republicans and Democrat judges will abide by the law when there is uncertainty,” Tribe said. “The only man who seemed to ignore the law was Rudy Giuliani, and God knows what he was investigating.”

Long shooting strategy

It also seems unlikely that Republican congressmen will simply ignore the hundreds of thousands of votes cast for Biden and nominate voters loyal to Trump. It is not clear if it will be legal, for one thing. And Trump will need to scrap Biden’s victory in the next few states with almost 270 votes to control the president.

Many of Giuliani’s arguments, meanwhile, depend on the far-right path of the right-wing media, while Trump, stung by his losses, may only seek to cause as much chaos and chaos as possible without the reasonable expectation he can win. CNN, for example, Dana Bash and Gloria Borger, cited sources who said the president, who believes Russia’s probe has lost its legitimacy, is now trying to assassinate Biden. And in the end, the courts – and the institutional system that Trump has been constantly shaking over the past four years – still seem to be steadfast against his power-hungry program.

But the president’s refusal to accept two weeks after the election and his attempts to undermine democracy are harmless even if they fail. Republicans, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who authorized the president to challenge the outcome without a credible case, are now beginning to see that they are facilitating his ultimate attack on U.S. democracy.

And Mr. Trump’s efforts are putting a political poison on him long after he leaves the White House. This week’s Monmouth University poll shows that 70% of Republicans believe Biden won just because he cheated, even though there is no evidence of fraud.

After watching Giuliani’s show, Chris Krebs, cyber security chief, was fired by Trump this week for announcing the U.S. election as “extremely secure”, which issued an awful warning on Twitter.

“That press conference was the most dangerous 1 hour and 45 minutes of television in American history. And probably the scariest thing. If you do not know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky,” Krebs wrote.

Biden denies Giuliani’s ‘irresponsibility’

President-elect Biden, from Wilmington, Delaware, as he builds his administration, says Trump is sending an “unbelievably damaging message” to the world about how democracy works.

“It will be another event in which he will go down in history as the most irresponsible president in American history. … It is the most disgusting thing he has ever done.”

Trump’s attempt to seize power comes as he ignores the rapidly growing number of epidemics, which now kill 1.5 million Americans. The United States on Thursday recorded another day for the case – more than 182,000 people, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Vice President Mike Pence, head of the White House coronavirus task force, made the remarks for the team’s first briefing since July. He celebrated what he saw as the success of the administration that made the situation worse. And while the best of both worlds, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, on the upcoming vaccine is true, their warnings that Americans should not keep this Thanksgiving because the virus is accusing Mr. Trump of ending the outbreak.

Pence, due to the inconsistency of issues in the post-election American political election, ignored questions raised by journalists.

Trump intervenes in Michigan

In a special example of how long Trump has been trying to overturn the election results, he has called on two Republican lawmakers from Wayne to examine and express his views after they tried to block the election results.

After hundreds of voters called for a Zoom canvass board meeting to express outrage at the possible attempt to get voters in the Detroit area, both GOP councilors voted and voted Tuesday to confirm the result, which they later voted against.

Mitt Romney and Nebraska Congressman Ben Sasse – two of the few party members in their party who are willing to criticize Trump – issued a statement Thursday night, urging the president to act in defiance of his efforts to defeat Michigan. .

CNN election expert Rick Hasen wrote on his website that the president was paying attention to the authorities that Wayne County’s election “is very dangerous for our democracy, because it is an attempt to suppress the will of the electorate through pressure.”

“While it may not work at most, it is a deep defense and a violation of the law,” Hasen wrote.

At his de facto press conference, Giuliani argued that there were significant plans to introduce Biden to the election, which was marred by big cities that were democratizing. He argued racially that the election results should be overturned by throwing hundreds of thousands of votes in major cities dominated by black voters, including Detroit and Philadelphia, where he claimed the number of voter fraud cases “could fill the ballot box.”

“The surprise I found here is that Philadelphia did not cheat this election, because for the last 60 years, they have cheated only about one election. You can say the same thing about Detroit,” Giuliani said at once. “Each of these cities is a Democrat-controlled city, which means they can get away with doing what they want to do.”

Citing the folly of his arguments, Giuliani at one point made an impression on the film “My Cousin Vinny” and told an unspecified story about a food truck full of ballots displayed at a party venue.

Both he and his lawyer, Jenna Ellis, gave an interview to reporters for disenfranchisement of voters claiming fraud, which was compiled by the Trump campaign as a fact. Giuliani’s testimonials have been rejected by the judges, and many are untrue, contradictory and unsubstantiated, showing isolated or suspected incidents of illegal behavior that are not rooted in facts.

It was another tumultuous day in court for Trump’s team, perhaps prompting him to decide whether to go to trial with the Electoral College.

In Pennsylvania, Bucks County District Judge Robert Baldi rejected Trump’s campaign request to use more than 2,000 unannounced ballots sent in an undisclosed privacy envelope, such as a handwritten date or anonymity. Emphasizes try intangible ads Trump to make voting damage, the judge has noted clearly that there is no evidence of fraud associated with the process Trump is seeking to throw out “no evidence of fraud, misconduct false or otherwise invalid in respect to the challenge,” Baldi wrote in the opinion of her. “Nothing in the record and without any charges that would lead to the conclusion that to vote on any challenge is filed by someone who is qualified or entitled to vote in this election.”

An Arizona judge has dropped a Republican petition seeking a broader poll on election day.

A Georgia federal judge has rejected an election petition filed by Republican voters accused of violating the Constitutional Court, acknowledging fraud in the presidential election and blocking the verification of the election results.

While most GOPs continue to say that Trump should have a trial date, Mr. Romney’s statement made a “real and significant difference” to the existing legal challenges.

“Without success, despite possible cases of fraud or conspiracy before any judicial action, the president has put pressure on state and local authorities to overthrow the people and overthrow the election,” Romney said in a statement. Statement on Twitter.

“It’s hard to imagine a worse and less democratic act by the president of the United States sitting.”