Donald Trump is (still) being fully noticed by the masses
Donald Trump is (still) being fully noticed by the masses

Donald Trump is (still) being fully noticed by the masses

Mr. Trump“” Look, yesterday we were in Arizona, a record gathering. The number of people as if no one had seen it before. “

Stahl“” No problem, I do not want to make a mistake about that. “

Mr. Trump: “You know, you – you -“

Stahl: “Tell me about the mask.”

Mr. Trump“” – Negatively you are negative. These are the biggest gatherings we have ever had. You just came in with that negative attitude. This is the largest assembly we have ever had. “

Here’s what: Crowded levels are not always an indication, on both sides, that much. It turns out that some of your supporters were shot enough to plan their other day for a day and turned out to be rallying. But in an election some speculated More than 150 million votes Will be displayed, 10,000 rally attendees – or even 50,000 are eliminated.
And that is even before we consider the spread of coronavirus and federal guidelines to avoid large groups and socially isolated. Moreover, those warnings – and the fact that more than 225,000 Americans have died from the disease – have had a significant impact on the public’s willingness to attend rallies.

Therefore, on a broader scale, the use of the term “assembly assembly” as a substitute – especially for infectious diseases that are spreading across the country – is deeply misunderstood.

But on the narrow front of just how many people are turning to these Trump rallies, the president seems to be letting his imagination come true.

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Monday, local media reports said the crowd was “counted.”Thousands. Crowds in Lumberton, North Carolina, for the Trump rally over the weekend were described as “A few thousand” In local reports. The largest rally that I can now find was for Trump’s speech at The Villages in Florida last Friday, where The audience is estimated at 15,000. (Many thanks to CNN’s Betsy Klein For her help with Trump’s recent schedule.)
While the crowd was impressive, it was a far cry from the larger crowd that Mr. Trump drew during his 2016 campaign. The crowd with the largest record I could find was for the Trump incident in Alabama in August 2015 when the reported attendance was 30,000. Which is double – because the numbers – the biggest crowd right now for Trump in this campaign.
(Sidebar: Trump’s recent allegations that he attracts more people than any other faction in the world are not true.) That Barack Obama attracted. About 75,000 people Protest in May 2008 in Portland, Oregon.
This, of course, is for course with Trump. This is the man who forced his press secretary to urge more people to attend his 2017 inauguration than ever before to attend his inauguration as president – despite enough photographic evidence that the claim was outrageous.

Why does Trump care so much? Because he thinks the crowd is some speculation about his chances of winning (it is not). And because he’s always involved in the “biggest” and “best” things, even he has to exaggerate naturally to make those fantasies come true.

It’s a joke for him, and it’s not very useful. Because of Trump’s problems with the electorate – especially when it comes to his handling (and misdiagnosis) of the Covid-19 global epidemic – the masses of his campaign are the culmination of his problems. Everyone seemed to get that except him.