Donald Trump lashes out at new bid to ruin election he lost
Donald Trump lashes out at new bid to ruin election he lost

Donald Trump lashes out at new bid to ruin election he lost

The counterattack, the president’s latest attack on U.S. democratic infrastructure, comes as he refuses to accept his defeat and begins the process of turning power over to President Joe Biden.
Mr. Trump wrote that he had terminated Chris Krebs, a senior official in the Department of Homeland Security, because of controversy over his own baseless allegations of irregularities. His presidency, campaign and political allies have made a number of attempts, which began well before the election, to dispel the false argument that he was cheated out of a second term. His efforts appear to have been motivated by a desire to explain the defeat of the former vice president, but also as part of a behavior that has disgraced President Biden and divided the nation, saying he is open-minded as an instrument of power.
In other apparent attempts to cast doubt on the integrity of the election – unprecedented in the history of aspirations – Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham has been embroiled in controversy after calling on elected officials in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia – the three major states won by Biden – to inquire about the e-mail voting process, which Biden generally prefers. And two Republicans broke with tradition in Michigan, the other state where Democrats won, blocking the by-elections in Wayne, where Biden beat the president. Michigan State Secretary Jocelyn Benson Democrats later told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he did not accept and agreed to confirm the vote.

The latest move by Trump and his allies comes amid a long-running presidential legal challenge and a lawsuit alleging election fraud has been exposed in court.

President Hail Mary’s latest attempt to overturn the multi-state bipartisan victory by Biden has stalled, this time in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Keystone State’s top scorer ruled that there was nothing in the state law that required voter observers to stand within six feet of the vote count, as the Trump campaign argued. The decision renders his caretaker president indifferent and, therefore, the result in Pennsylvania, where Biden received tens of thousands of votes, should be ruled invalid.

In a separate Pennsylvania case, Trump’s attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, stepped in to lead a tumultuous legal effort to prove Democrats rigged the election. Other judges have previously denied the claim.

Another half of Trump’s non-existent opening of doors to change the results of the election won by conservative media appears to be closing.

Electoral scrutiny in Georgia is expected to be completed by Wednesday, before the official ballot is approved on Friday. Officials say most of the results track the height of the original that delivered Biden victory, prompting Trump’s additional claims of fraud widespread.

Trump cancels Thanksgiving trip

As more and more countries begin to confirm their election results in the coming days, the reasons already eliminated for Trump and the White House to continue to discuss the novels he won in the second term will go backwards.

So far, there has been no sign that Republican lawmakers in some key states are ready to live up to some conservative pundits ‘hopes that they will disregard voters’ intentions and elect a new delegate to the Trump election.

Trump’s setback in the struggle to interpret the results came as he collapsed from public view.

A CNN White House team reported Tuesday that the top commander in charge – who was once unable to take responsibility for the restrictions – was trapped in a “no-parking mentality”.

In the frustration of the party, Mr. Trump decided to abandon his usual Thanksgiving trip to his Mar-a-Lago resort, the executive told CNN, and he had not been in public contact for days.

But even an invisible president, naked, retains the power to change the world that his successors will face. As a result, Trump’s Defense Secretary Christopher Miller announced Tuesday that thousands of troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq, CNN’s Barbara Starr reported for the first time the day before. The move drew mixed reactions from Capitol Hill, but drew criticism from Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

New Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas has issued a scathing statement on the move, saying there was no genuine consultation with US allies, NATO or Congress and would pull the military to “unstable and dangerous levels.”

The decision hits a political target for the president, but will raise fears of a Taliban crackdown in Afghanistan. It also violates the advice of US commanders who are concerned about the strength of the democratic government in Kabul.

The announcement of the resettlement is only part of what is expected of a presidential aggression drama – possibly including a move on Iranian and Chinese policy – and an attempt to throw Biden’s hand when he was president. Mr. Trump’s use of power in carrying out such a significant move, while refusing to explain it to the American people as he overlooked it, and the impression that he is retaliating against a victory he will not accept, is likely to further damage his position.

Concerns about vaccine delays

Trump gets long-awaited coronavirus score with vaccine

The potential costs at the presidential palace and the failure to sign the multi-million dollar transition fund, access to government agencies and a briefing for Biden’s team are becoming clearer.

The highly encouraging news about the expected efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine available to all Americans this coming year cannot dispel the growing concern among medical professionals of failing to read further administration into the program.

Vaccine efforts are among the most complex transportation and health services. Delays in the production and distribution of vaccines could result in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Rising expectations about the number of critically ill Covid-19 patients have prompted a number of major U.S. medical groups to call for co-operation between the authorities, which went in and out on Tuesday.

“All data on the capacity of the survey accumulated national strategic assets from operations Warp Speed ​​and disclosure treatment and vaccine need to be shared as soon as possible to ensure a continuous planning strategy for no delay. The ability of our care, patients’ associations hospital American Association of Physicians American Association of Nurse American letter with Mr. Trump said.

As a symbol of the complexity of the upcoming job, the Trump’s Office of Accountability’s Office on Vaccine Efforts has identified several areas of disorder that could slow the approval and distribution of vaccines.

And the government’s top eight epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has struggled with the presidency, stressed that the presidential transition is important.

“If you do not have a smooth transition, you will not maximize any efforts you are making right now,” Fauci told CNN’s Jim Sciutto.

Trump’s negligence has had a devastating effect as the Covid-19 plant reached record levels and exploded across the Midwest and Mountain West, which Republicans and voters bought to reduce global epidemics and despise society.

Biden pressed

These are the people who can get the highest stakes in the Biden administration

Biden, who has called Trump’s failure to accept and open a formal transition of power a “shame,” is focusing on efforts to prepare his administration. In Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday, the vice president consulted with U.S. national security experts and veterans. The group includes retired General Stanley McChrystal, who resigned during the Obama administration after Rolling Stone magazine reported warnings he criticized the former vice president.

Biden said it would be better to have access to the usual intellectual information that the president-elect prefers. But he is promoting the image of a commander who is ready to go to work.

Capitol Hill Republicans are still reluctant to confront the president over his refusal to allow a positive change. But day by day, there are signs that a natural transfer of power – if not a formal one – is under way.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio referred to Biden as the president-elect this week. Mr. McConnell has made it a point not to give up on politics, but he has gradually come to realize that the inevitable is imminent.

“We’re going to have to have a smooth transition from this administration to the next one,” McConnell said. “What we all say about it is, frankly, irrelevant.”

Even the observation of such small rhetorical shifts shows the outlandish behavior of the President and the willingness of the party itself to face it. But it is also a signal that reality is coming into focus.