Donald Trump speaks of 'four more years' during the White House Christmas reception

Donald Trump speaks of ‘four more years’ during the White House Christmas reception

“It has been a shocking four years, filled with many people not wearing masks despite the leadership of the authorities in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak,” Trump told the Chamber. “We are trying to do another four years.” “Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

Again, Mr. Trump erroneously said he had won the election, saying “but they do not like that.” He also asked if people were watching a “fraud hearing” with his legal team – referring to the incident in which Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer met with the state legislature in an attempt to challenge the election results.

“Honestly, this is disgusting,” Trump told the chamber.

The President addressed guests from the White House steps. Although many people wear masks, many do not and some have a cough.

Mr. Trump lost his second term in office last month, but has yet to nominate President-elect Joe Biden – although his administration has officially allowed a change of president.

Trump’s campaign adviser told CNN that there have been discussions about possible events surrounding Trump’s future plans. Consultants say the event could be scheduled for the inaugural day.

Mr. Trump is expected to introduce during the race for 2024, which opens the door to propaganda.

It has been observed within Trump’s adviser circles that he maintains an incredible Republican holdings as GOP lawmakers are reluctant to recognize Biden as president. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” a consultant told CNN.

CNN reported last month that people in Trump’s orbit have said they expect the president to run for 2024 when he finally recognizes the results. Sources say they expect him to cancel the 2020 race as fraud, while suggesting he is running for another four years.

The possibility that Mr. Trump may run again could create unrest for those around him and shuffle politics – as the vice president, secretary of state, UN envoy and others are accused of running for office.

But while Mr. Trump has openly denied that he lost the election while continuing to push for his legal challenge, he sees the vote and understands that he has no chance of running for president, a White House bipartisan adviser told CNN on Monday.

Asked if the president recognized that he had been defeated, a close adviser who had been in touch with Trump on his legal strategy said Monday, “Yes, he did.” The adviser also said Trump will continue to challenge the law until they step down, but they point to the endorsement of Monday’s election in Wisconsin and said “the text is on the wall.”

In an interview Sunday, Mr. Trump declined to comment on the timing of when he might mitigate his lost battle to campaign. And he admits that even if Biden takes over, he will still not believe he has lost.

However, some familiar with the situation say they believe Trump’s advisers will strongly urge him to attend the January 20 opening ceremony, even if he does not accept the election, because it would keep his potential influence better – including if he decides to run again in 20 years.

Trump told reporters last week that he had decided what he was doing on the opening day. He said, “I’m honest, I know the answer, but I do not want to say anything yet,” but the assistant saw that this approach was more than a question, and did not use it to make a decision.

CNN’s Devan Cole, Kevin Liptak and Caroline Kelly contributed to this report.

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