Donald Trump's attempts to rig the election could not be resolved because of coronavirus cases
Donald Trump's attempts to rig the election could not be resolved because of coronavirus cases

Donald Trump’s attempts to rig the election could not be resolved because of coronavirus cases

Across the country, Mr. Trump’s lawyers and loyalists are seeing untrue allegations of systematic voter fraud being perpetrated with increasing discrimination by unreliable judges, even now, with a timeline of affirmative and skeptical appeals against him. The return, though, seems to be declining. This time around, it was Judge Matthew Brann, a Republican, who, in the case of the Trump case, felt compelled to be a partisan, with a flourishing literature, the absurdity of the claims of the process.

But even though Trump’s bold stance on the overthrow of American democracy still makes headlines, it is dealing with a dreaded epidemic that seems ready now to go down in history.

The United States surpassed 12 million cases of coronavirus on Saturday, adding nearly 200,000 to the alarming number. Mr. Trump did not mention the key points of fear. Instead, he spent half of the day playing golf.

It really is.

Mr. Trump’s diet exacerbates the epidemic

When the Dirty President talks about the epidemic, he is simply thwarting his data-gathering efforts. That Trump’s exit from the side meeting focused on preparations for an outbreak with world leaders at the G20 virtual summit on Saturday came as no surprise. It is unlikely that he missed this opportunity. At the same time, states and cities across the country have reported large numbers of infected people as they enter hospitals and set up warning signs about a collapsing health care system. And that was before millions of Americans embarked on their bad holiday trip before Thanksgiving this week.

More than 255,000 people are dead, millions are out to work, and the Republican administration and allies in the Senate seem intent on deepening despair – while still in the process, thwarting Biden’s efforts to repair the ship when he takes control on January 20 next year. By blocking Biden’s team from accessing sensitive government information, complex operations such as distributing vaccines are likely to be delayed or made more difficult.
About nine months after the coronavirus spread across the country, there are no plans to unite to fight it. And the measures that Congress has taken to reduce pain are imminent. The federal unemployment benefit, which expanded part of the $ 2 trillion that went through earlier this year, is due to be postponed after Christmas, affecting an estimated 12 million Americans. At the moment, however, there is a cane to suggest the upcoming renegotiation talks on Capitol Hill, where Republicans have refused to accept the bailout package passed by House Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting any possible GOP nomination in due course.

The devastating effects of the actions in Washington, D.C., are being felt at the state and local levels, even as crisis-conscious authorities are reluctant to act boldly and take proven measures to help control the epidemic.

New Jersey Democrat Mur Murphy said Friday about the lack of federal assistance, he said, “You shut down unnecessary workplaces or eat at home” was out of the question effectively without funding from Capitol Hill.

Sara Nelson, president of the International Association of Pilots – CWA, dismissed Republican lawmakers because of their reluctance to act.

“With more than 12 million cases, more than half a million Americans died, more than 60 million unemployment claims since March, 8 million people have been plunged into poverty, and more than 100,000 businesses have been shut down. “Everyone who gets involved in politics makes an indescribable move. It’s better to just resign now and keep important patriotic officials in check.”

Even within the House of Representatives, the number of Covid cases continues to rise. Just this week, the Republican Party. Chuck Grassley from Iowa and Rick Scott from Florida tested optimism. On Saturday night, Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, the Republican presidential candidate before his race for the presidency, has announced that she is back in a positive test, with more than a dozen votes from both parties.
The twin crises of the defense machinery of Covid and Trump clashed 48 hours ago, when two Michigan GOP lawmakers left the White House, reiterating that they had not seen any evidence that Biden did not win their state justice. And square. Instead, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Michigan State House Speaker Lee Chatfield seem to be spending less of their time with the president to send more letters to the federal government asking for help fighting the virus.

“Several months ago, Michigan State gets through law the federal government, and we have funding is to support staff forefront, improved testing, ensuring PPE enough, to support extended Michiganders outside, and help businesses, local forces fight without fault of their own,” Republicans said in a joint statement. “We are faced with a time in our state once again to support more will go far to help people well to help us. “

Mr. Trump reiterated that statement Saturday morning, but ignored the call for help and focused on pumping air into his campaign to spend on the election.

“This is true, but it is much different than the media coverage,” Trump said. “We will show a huge and unprecedented fraud!”

But with local and state verification deadlines set for early last week, it has become commonplace – like many other promises – to break Trump’s promise to expose certain types of fraud that are largely uncoordinated.

Shortly before the news broke that Pennsylvania’s embarrassing failure had begun to spread, Trump invaded the land of more and more hospitals – the Wild West of social media – to get involved in coronavirus infection. He pointed to a number of epidemics in other countries and attacked the media without reporting on the effectiveness of emerging treatments.

“Fake news does not refer to the fact that ‘Covid’ is running wild around the world, not just in the United States,” he wrote, citing pretext, assuming some of the international summits he attended the morning. “I was at the Virtual G-20 conference this morning and the biggest topic was Covid. We will be keeping up soon, especially with our vaccines!”

Those vaccines, despite being promising, are still months away for the desperate Americans, tens of thousands who are expected to die before they arrive.

Trump’s allies out to destroy Biden

In the meantime, Trump’s Treasury Secretary appears to be doing all it can to make life difficult for the business community. On Thursday, Steve Mnuchin called on the federal government to set aside $ 455 billion to date, which the central bank has said it has – and will – continue to focus on safeguarding the economy.

Mnuchin himself, in a letter to the Federal Reserve, acknowledged that lending programs “have clearly met their goals.” But he also called for the return of nearly half a trillion dollars, a move that sparked opposition from corporate leaders – almost non-violent opposition to Trump – and the Fed, which said it wanted “that a complete emergency room set up during a coronavirus outbreak continue to play a critical role.”

The reason for the ruling, some experts say, seems to be an attempt to obstruct the administration.

Jaret Seiberg, financial services and housing policy analyst for the Cowen Washington Research Group, wrote in a research paper that “this appears to be a political move by Team Trump to limit what President Joe Biden could have done in the coming years.”

And with the balance of the next Senate now holding hands, with Democrats seeking to sweep Georgia’s January elections to gain control, the prospects for a package large enough to meet the country’s needs are at best uncertain.

The same goes for Biden and his transformation team, which is still under siege from organizations that are ready to take over after the launch, and cut off information that could help plan their way out of the current embarrassing situation. Emily Murphy, Trump’s nominee for chief of public services, did not say when, or if, she planned to use her power to recognize Biden as an “apparent” winner, which would open the door to communications and benefit the multi-million dollar presidential team.

With Murphy’s uncertainty, Biden’s transformation team is now effectively sourcing its efforts on Friday, it sent a fundraising email to fundraisers as it contained legal options pods.

“The nation faces too many challenges without the well-funded and well-prepared transition to prepare for the presidential and vice presidential elections to take place on the first day,” said the transition official.

But no amount of money can buy access to the kind of summary that is usually given within a day to the election winner. Biden – and the country – appear to be accused of waiting for Trump to identify his wounded pride and accept reality.

The wait continues. The same can be said of death and despair.