Election 2020: Obama to Join Biden on Boost Last Weekend
Election 2020: Obama to Join Biden on Boost Last Weekend

Election 2020: Obama to Join Biden on Boost Last Weekend

People say the two will appear together in a major battle. Biden is scheduled to perform in Michigan this Saturday. That was the point of interest for their joint appearance, but the two officials said the venue of their meeting would be finalized on the next day.

President Obama made three appearances last week to campaign for his vice president, turning him back on the campaign trail to help close a controversy with his successor, President Donald Trump.

The former president, who is still a Democrat, made his debut last week with a speech in Pennsylvania and has been the most direct attack on Trump to date. He continued his campaign over the weekend in Miami and Tuesday in Orlando, as he entered some of the most important battlefields where elections are taking place.

In the presidential election, the Democrats hope Obama can help motivate men, Latinos voters and younger people to go to the polls for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Former presidents often avoid attacking their successors directly, but Obama, who has been a target of Trump since he left office almost four years ago, has increasingly criticized the Republican president in recent days, and has vilified his actions in the world.

Trump on Tuesday appeared to watch Obama’s rally in Orlando.

Trump spoke Tuesday, citing Obama’s decision to sit on the benchmark of Obama’s democracy.

Mr. Obama, like Mr. Biden, organized rallies, instead of the usual rallies that drew large crowds, due to the epidemic.

CNN’s Greg Krieg contributed to this report.