Georgia recounts Biden's victory and found no widespread fraud after statewide inspections
Georgia recounts Biden's victory and found no widespread fraud after statewide inspections

Georgia recounts Biden’s victory and found no widespread fraud after statewide inspections

Biden defeated Trump by 12,284 votes, according to the final results from the audit. This is a slight decrease for Biden compared to pre-audit results.

The officials also reiterated that there were no reports of election fraud.

Georgia President Brad Raffensperger said in a statement that “Georgia’s first nationwide audit confirms that the state’s secure voting system has been properly counted and reported.”

“This is an honor for the dedication of the authorities in our districts and localities who have moved quickly to complete and complete such important work in such a short period of time.”

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No state has felt the brunt of Trump’s loss more than in the red state of Georgia.

Suburban anti-Trump protests in the suburbs of Atlanta, along with a large majority of voters, have given Biden’s power in the state, created in the year of a strong democratic campaign to register voters.

Biden Campaign Communications Director for Georgia Jaclyn Rothenberg said in a statement Thursday evening that the results “just confirm what we already know:

“We would like to thank all the elected officials, volunteers and workers who have worked overtime and under unprecedented circumstances to complete this lecture, which is the best form of public service,” she said.

The state is now the center of the political universe, because the election of two US senators will determine which political party controls the upper house.

The president continued to tweet inaccurate information about state-used voting software and objected to being considered “fake” by tweeting false allegations about the state signature matching process.

During the recount of the week, officials in the four counties found new ballots that were not counted on election day or were not properly submitted to the foreign minister.

In all, more than 5,800 undiscovered votes were discovered, with nearly 1,400 voting in favor of Trump, who falsely said the findings were evidence of wrongdoing. Officials have stressed that the accidents were caused by human error and were not indications of fraud or ballot fraud.

Raffensperger’s office called the discrepancy between the test results and the counting results of the original engine “well within the predictable range of human error that occurs when counting votes manually.”

Ben Adida, executive director of the nonprofit Electoral Security Agency, VotingWorks, who assisted Georgia in the investigation, said:

Mr Raffensperger was sworn in by both Trump and GOP state councilors David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who called for his resignation after being accused of failing to “hold honest and transparent elections.”

Raffensperger told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday that the state has not seen widespread ballot fraud. When asked about the attacks by Trump and members of his own party, he defended his privileges of being a “lifelong Republican” and “Christian Republican.”

“I guarantee that we will count all valid ballots and we will not count any illegal ballots,” Raffensperger said. “My record will stand on its own. We did an excellent job.”

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CNN’s Amara Walker and Paul LeBlanc contributed to this report.