Grow your Instagram presence with help from the pros

Grow your Instagram presence with help from the pros

Behind the pretty filters and witty captions of your favorite Instagram posts, is an influencer who has spent time (and a lot of it) optimizing their profiles and posts so that they can increase their presence on the platform. Why do they get thousands of followers after posting their photos and videos, and you only get one.

But it has to be that way. You, too, can grow your social media footprint with the same tactics employed by the platform’s most tactical and savviest influencers. All you need is a bit of training under your belt.

Enter The 2020 Ultimate Instagram Influencer & Marketing Bundle (now $ 34.98). This six-part Instagram boot camp trains everyday users to become bonafide growth hackers and paid influencers. This is done through a series of courses that focus on creating long-term Instagram strategies, understanding how to best use hashtags, knowing how to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm, perfecting your aesthetic and voice profile, and being able to establish paid sponsorships with. brands to turn your account into a profitable business.

These courses are led by industry professionals, including Ryan Kucey, a consultant who specializes in paid influencers, and digital marketing expert and founder of Invert Media, Bryan Guerra. The courses in this training have received rave reviews from students. As one notes, the courses do a “really great job on breaking down Instagram and using long term strategies to build an audience.”

Piecemeal, one would expect to pay upwards of $ 1,000 for all six of the expert-led courses. Currently, however, shoppers can get all six together at a huge discount when they digitally enroll in the 2020 Ultimate Instagram Influencer & Marketing Bundle for $ 34.98.

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