Here are the female contenders for Biden's VP slot

Here are the female contenders for Biden’s VP slot

Abrams’ narrow loss in Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial race skyrocketed her to national prominence. Biden even once called her a possible contender for the VP slot, referring to her as “the woman who should have been the governor of Georgia, the African American woman.”

Abrams is also a favorite of Congressman James Clyburn, a party leader who included her name when speaking to The Post about potential VP choices back in March.

The Georgia native cannot call everyone on Team Biden a fan, however.

Abrams has been aggressively marketing herself as a potential vice president for Biden – something that The Post has learned is increasingly irritating to a few of those in the former veep’s orbit.

Still, Abrams continues to tout herself as a potential vice president, telling Elle Magazine that if asked to serve, she’d unequivocally say yes.

“Yes. I would be honored. I would be an excellent running mate. I have the capacity to attract voters by motivating typically ignored communities. I have a strong history of executive and management experience in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Spent 25 years in independent study of foreign policy. I am ready to help advance an agenda of restoring America’s place in the world, ”she said, leaving no question about her interest in the job.

Despite those qualifications, Abrams has no previous national experience, and is largely remembered for narrowly losing her gubernatorial bid.