In addition to meat, open meat grown in China
In addition to meat, open meat grown in China

In addition to meat, open meat grown in China

The California-based company unveiled its latest product Wednesday: Beef.

The new product is intended to mimic the flavors of popular fillings in many Asian dishes, such as bread and spring rolls. Beyond says customers will enjoy its services like ramen topping, and in dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs, spicy bolognaise, and cakes and pastries. (The company produces pre-grown bacon, even sausage products.)

Starting Wednesday, customers in Shanghai will be able to try out new products at five local restaurants in limited time.

“We are excited to launch Beyond Pork in China, a major breakthrough for Beyond Meat,” said Candy Chan, general manager of the Chinese company. “We are not only launching a whole range of innovative products, but our first plant-based meat products are specifically created for the Chinese market.”

She described the product as “the next outstanding show in China beyond the market ambitions for this important market.”

Beyond’s latest introduction could be a welcome choice for Chinese consumers, especially right now.

China, which has A long time ago The world’s largest consumer of meat, entered a major production crisis last year due to the African dengue outbreak. Th The unrest has forced some consumers to temporarily turn to other types of meat.

Prior to that, pork accounted for about 70 percent of China’s total meat consumption, according to Chinese government data.

Analysts at Rabobank write that in the past year, Chinese pig farmers have seen some recovery, which has allowed them to increase yields and reduce prices. Research report.
But globally, “producers face challenging forecasts, due to rising food costs, weaker economic outlook, and slower export growth as China restores domestic resilience.” Write.

Battle across China

It has also entered mainland China, a vast market that is seen as critical to the growth of US companies.

Earlier this year, the company announced a partnership with Chinese technology giant Alibaba (BABA) For the first time, Beyond Burgers is launching a supermarket in mainland China.
It also sells products on the nation’s most popular fast food chains, including KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. That comes just weeks after the company unveiled its big binding Star (SBUX), To put meatless pastries, lasagnes and wrap on a Chinese menu.
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The company also recently implemented an agreement with local food distributor, Sinodis, which will help the company stock restaurants and catering in China.

But for all its strengths, the competition is fierce. While the trend of artificial meat production is still rampant in mainland China, Beyond is catching up with other popular brands, as well as other unusable California stores, which have signaled plans for its launch there.
Last month, Impossible launched its artificial beef products in supermarkets in Hong Kong and Singapore, hoping to expand across Asia and tap into the growing demand for home-breeding food that has been hit by epidemics.

– Laura He contributed to this report.