Jessica Mulroney's husband quits a TV show amid her scandal

Jessica Mulroney’s husband quits a TV show amid her scandal

Jessica Mulroney’s husband quit his TV show amid her “white privilege” scandal, which cost the stylist several jobs and her friendship with Meghan Markle.

Ben Mulroney announced on Monday that he is stepping down as host of the Canadian entertainment show “etalk” – and hopes a non-white person will take his place.

The move comes after his co-host, Elaine Liu,. wrote an excoriating blog about the couple, in which she ominously claimed that the Mulroneys were “keeping track” of those who didn’t support Jessica amid the scandal.

Back on June 10, Toronto-based black lifestyle influencer Sasha Exeter posted a message on Instagram calling for people with large platforms to use them to promote the Black Lives Matter movement. She later posted a video, claiming Mulroney had taken the post as a personal attack on her, and had threatened to harm Exeter’s career.

Speaking on CTV’s “Your Morning,” Ben – the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney – said: “I love my wife, however it is not my place to speak for her, and today we are both committed to doing work to understand more about anti-black racism. as well as learn and understand more about our blind spots. ”

Mulroney admitted that his “privilege has benefited [him] greatly, ”adding:“ While I have certainly worked hard to build my career, I know that systemic racism and injustice help people like me and harms those who just like me, often in ways that are invisible to us. This needs to change. ”

“More than ever, we need more black voices, more Indigenous voices, more people of color in the media as well as every other profession,” he added, “and that is why I have decided to immediately step away from my role at ‘ etalk ‘to create space for a new perspective and a new voice.’

Ben’s departure comes after his co-host Elaine Lui posted a lengthy post on her blog Lainey Gossip, in which she wrote that plenty of people in the Canadian media have their own “Jessica Mulroney stories,” but she has “powerful allies.” Lui added, “Many of us ‘liked’ Sasha Exeter’s post last week and pretty much assured that the Mulroneys are keeping track of them.

“On Wednesday night, when all of this was going down, I can tell you for sure that at least one email was sent out from the Mulroney camp to someone who ‘liked’ Sasha’s post that was mildly threatening.

“It was an email that sent a message and this is the way the message was received and internalized: ‘keep on watch, so you should think about whose side it is on.'”

Lui described the Duchess of Sussex as Jessica’s “superpower,” adding that “she has a direct line to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.”

She wrote: “Word on the street right now is that Jessica is still watching people’s Instagram stories, paying attention to what people are saying, and people are nervous about taking names and making a list.”

Lui said that “it was shared on the whisper network” that Mulroney had privately told people “that ‘there are two sides to every story,’ suggesting that she felt as much in the wrong as she actually was.”

Jessica has been axed from her reality show “I Do, Redo,” as well as from her gig on “Good Morning America.” She’s also been forced to step down from the charity she launched with her three sisters-in-law.

As Page Six revealed, the scandal was also the final nail in the coffin for her relationship with Meghan Markle, who sources said had become increasingly annoyed that Jessica had forged a career through their friendship.

Mulroney’s a godparent to Archie, Markle’s 1-year-old son with Prince Harry, which will make matters more difficult.