Joe Biden in "60 Minutes": Trump Can Win Because of 'How He Plays'
Joe Biden in "60 Minutes": Trump Can Win Because of 'How He Plays'

Joe Biden in “60 Minutes”: Trump Can Win Because of ‘How He Plays’

“I’m one of those people, or a competitor, it does not end until the bell rings,” Biden said in a 60-minute interview with CBS on Sunday when asked if Trump could still beat him. “We’re happy where we are. But you know I can not play.

Mr Biden said Mr. Trump was trying to get the election up and running, “and that those efforts are” all I think are designed to make people wonder if they should act or not, whether it should go to the polls just a matter of intimidation. “

Mr. Trump has long sought to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the postal vote, repeatedly making false claims about how they were cast and counted.

“What really satisfies me is going to the polls in the pre-election states,” Biden said.

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Mr. Biden’s comments come as polls show him waterlogged across the country and in almost every state. In a token of Biden’s confidence, his campaign extended his trip Tuesday to Georgia for Biden and Friday trip to Texas for his rival, California Sen. Kamala Harris. Biden does not need any state to get 270 votes, but a slow push by his campaign can help democratize the state by voting in the legislature, the upper house and the state legislature.

“I hope there are a lot of people who vote for me because of who I am,” Biden said. “But I think the difference between Donald Trump and me is about the strangeness it can get in terms of defining our values ​​and the way we view the world.”

In an interview, Biden also defended several policy proposals that Trump and Republicans have attacked in an effort to liberate him.

Biden said those earning more than $ 400,000 a year and companies should see their income taxes increase. But he said no one under $ 400,000 would pay “more wages under my offer.”

“That’s a guarantee, a promise,” he said. “I give your word as Biden. That is the absolute guarantee.”

He says he does not hesitate to raise taxes for the rich even if the economy is hit by a cholera epidemic.

“It depends on who you raise them,” he said. “Look, if you feed them on someone who makes $ 1 billion a year, it ‘s not that they pay 39.6%, which everyone should pay, raise another $ 90 billion.”

CBS interviewer Norah O’Donnell asked Biden about Trump and the GOP’s efforts to portray him as a tool of his party’s more progressive party, led by the two Democratic presidential rivals that Biden won, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, as well as the New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“He wanted to run against them, right?” Biden said. “Mr. President, you are competing with Joe Biden. Joe Biden has a deep record, deep and long-term success.”