John Dillermand: Children's TV show in Denmark features a man with a large penis

John Dillermand: Children’s TV show in Denmark features a man with a large penis

The show, which has 13 episodes of him accessible On the DR Network website, Following its tenth aspect as he explores the unexpected situation caused by his impersonal large penis.

In the first episode, for example, Dillermand wants to use his huge penis as a water pump for his walls – but finds himself rushing to requests from neighbors to take their pets for a walk, as well. At the other end of the show, he was trapped in mid-air after a balloon was tied to his groove.

Another time, he smashed a friend’s chest with his genitals and had to raise money to pay them back, and the third time, he used it to steal ice at the zoo. The show’s flashlight also shows him using his genitals to keep elephants away from children.

Such performances have been met with enthusiasm in Denmark and across the internet, with many praising it as a fitting and enlightening way to teach children about the human body.

But some people have problems with the main character. Danish politician Morten Messerschmidt, right-wing member of the Democratic Party, Said Children should not be forced to look at cartoons about adult grooves.
And a number of parents took it Facebook page Of the DR Children’s Network, urging them to remove the program.

A DR spokesperson told CNN that most critics of the project did “without seeing the show, because it has not been released yet.”

Sarah Cecilie added: “Right now the biggest adult in Denmark is … mocking a few critics instead.” “Hundreds of thousands of people are switching to ‘John Dillermand’ now.”

“In Denmark it is now a huge success, and children are watching it in large numbers,” she told CNN.

In a description of the Internet show on the network, they say that while Dillermand’s penis puts him in a embarrassing situation, it can be used for good when he admits he is different.

DR is Denmark’s oldest and best-known broadcaster, and a founding member of the European Broadcasting Union. The network is sponsored by the tax collector, making it the Danish equivalent of the BBC or PBS.

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