Jon Stewart returns to TV with his current debut for Apple TV +
Jon Stewart returns to TV with his current debut for Apple TV +

Jon Stewart returns to TV with his current debut for Apple TV +

Former Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” will be a showcase for the tech company’s current streaming service. Apple (AAPL) Announced Tuesday. It will be part of a new production agreement that the comedian has signed with the company.

While details are lacking, Apple says Stewart’s hour-long series without themes will “explore topics that are part of his national discussion and authorship work.” Each season will also feature a pair of podcasts.

Apple does not say how many episodes there will be, or how they will be released. The series is expected to launch later this year. The news was reported earlier Hollywood Reporter.

Stewart signing is a big move for Apple TV +.

Stewart is one of the most popular and popular hosts in television history. He has won the Emmys several times during his 16 years as the host of “The Daily Show,” and was a nightmare comedian. So it helps to have Stewart as the marquee name that Apple fights for Netflix (NFLX) And Disney + for subscribers’ time and money.

Most former hosts have not been on the radar of pop culture since leaving “The Daily Show.”

He has appeared several times on CBS ‘The Late Show, hosted by his former “Daily Show” colleague, Stephen Colbert, and also on the “Irresistible This Year” show, a political comedy starring former “Daily Show” actress Steve. Carell.

Away from the extra spot, Stewart spent much of his time as a vocal activist for the 9/11 respondents.
Stewart has a 4-year production deal with HBO in 2015 Expected to lead to the animated series from Stewart, which will highlight current events. The program is Scrape in 2017.

Stewart will be the executive producer of the new Apple series, along with Richard Plepler, a former HBO leader, who signed a production contract with Apple earlier this year.

The Apple TV + is $ 4.99 a month and launched last November.