Leicester City Award-Winning Christian Fuchs Mission Impossible: Impossible 2
Leicester City Award-Winning Christian Fuchs Mission Impossible: Impossible 2

Leicester City Award-Winning Christian Fuchs Mission Impossible: Impossible 2

It was four years before Tottenham drew 2-2 at Chelsea in early May, Leicester’s mathematical assurance of the title, and only then did Fuchs allow himself to think the impossible.

Leicester defender Fuchs said: “We’re at Jamie’s house, referring to those memorable images of players gathered at Jamie Vardy’s home to watch the game,” I still think we’re a bit of a jerk and everyone has a definite need, when the final noises come out. “

Five seasons from one of the worst stories in the history of the sport, the Foxes are once again threatening to make a comeback, by not only advancing to the table just over 1/5 of the 2020/21 season played, but also aiming to extend their age by winning the Champions League by four points.


In a way, it was the opening act of the Premier League edition Mission: Impossible 2.

And if the series tends to have retaliatory measures, then Fuchs and his team-mates have the perfect plan by seeking to fix a 2-1 error in last season’s Anfield league game, courtesy of receiving a VAR award at injury time.

Not that the 34-year-old Austria is doing anything other than looking sideways in this weekend’s game, pointing out that “this is the atmosphere of where we are right now.”

However, he admitted that “we want to be as successful as possible, but that does not mean winning the Premier League … but going there against a winning team is something beautiful, always something good.”

Leicester’s early start does not have to be on the cards, considering that its form after ‘Project Lockdown’ earlier this year is anything but great, throwing what looks like a definite Champions League fixture on the final day of the 2019/20 postponed season.

But boss Brendan Rodgers – former Liverpool manager – did not let the summer fall until the start of the season. Eight games in and his charge has been outstanding in all six of their victories, with Vardy continuing to score goals for fun.

His 5-2 draw in Manchester City, with a single goal in Arsenal’s first win in nearly 50 years, was part of a total of eight matches.

And as the players come and go, the tiny bit of the “Fearless Foxes” of 2015/16 remain at the club, with Fuchs, Vardy and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel playing the role, and veterans Wes Morgan and Mark Albrighton helping the cause from the bench.

Many teams can struggle by selling important assets, such as England defender Ben Chilwell, who left for Chelsea, but the likes of Timothy Castagne from Atalanta and Wesley Fofana from Saint-ientienne, both tried to strengthen the team. .

“When you wear the Leicester City badge, it’s always about humility and always about giving your best,” Fuchs said. “I think we’ve gained a lot of respect over the last few years.

Christian Fuchs joined Leicester City in June 2015.

“I think it’s clear that whatever Leicester are doing, whatever we are doing behind closed doors, it makes us a better team, a better club. A different approach.”

Normal style

But it is not just Leicester rivals who come to play these games in a different way, but football itself, which continues to play amidst the backstory of coronaviruses, and without the participation of aspirants.

Fuch initially struggled to cope with the lack of fans, saying: “In the beginning, it felt awkward, more like training than a game in the Premier League.”

But months later, he admitted, “You have to accept it, because not having a fan in the stadium does not mean you do not have to fight for three points.”

Fuchs admits to getting goosebumps when “I allow myself to see the future, what happens when there are crowds again. Stand up, but it’s not something you want to use.”

The tournament is now being played behind closed doors due to the epidemic.

Whether history can be a lesson in trying to measure the challenges in the Leicester title is no longer possible. But a book discussion reveals that two games against Liverpool in the original phase Mission Impossible, Released in 2015/16, resulted in a 2-0 home win over Fox and a narrow 1-0 win at Anfield.

Liverpool’s winner in December 2015 was scored by Christian Benteke, who then returned to the opposition to score both of Crystal Palace in a 2-1 win on April 23, 2017.

To this day, the Palace victory remains the last time the Reds have lost a home in the league. But as other Christians are well acquainted, the record must be broken.