Marcus Rashford shares 'unacceptable' food distribution, sparking British government investigation

Marcus Rashford shares ‘unacceptable’ food distribution, sparking British government investigation

One Maybe From a Twitter user named Roadside Mum on Monday, shared more than 27,000 times, details of her merchandise were sent by Chartwells, a party to a British government-contracted company.

The roadside grandmother said the plot contained ingredients to make two ounces of cassava flour along with eight ounces of beans and a delicious salad, along with some snacks, rice and a single tomato paste.

The package was valid for 10 days, according to the announcement, and was issued to her in lieu of the 30 ($ 40) auction ticket that the family in the plan had received earlier.

Roadside Mum writes, “I could have done so much more honestly, being able to buy the same food for £ 5.22 ($ 7.10) at the supermarket.” “Private companies with #FSM contracts are making good profits here,” the post added.

Chartwells Subscriber Meet On Twitter, saying: “This does not reflect the specifics of the party among our barriers,” the company asked for more details so it could “immediately investigate”.

CNN contacted Chartwells for further comment.

Share a few photos of the food pieces sent to the family, Rashford tweeted: “Children deserve better.”
Child Minister Vicky Ford tweeted That she “will be looking into this urgently” while the Department of Education (DfE) Said That it is “looking into this thing.”

“We have clear guidelines and standards for food cooperation, which we expect to be followed,” DfE tweeted. “Parcels should be nutritious and varied.”

Manchester United Rashford players last year campaigned for 1.3 million children to apply for free tutoring cards for the British summer holiday, which forced them to return from the British government. He was honored by Queen Elizabeth II for recognizing his procession.

On Tuesday, Rashford took to Twitter after a conversation with Chartwells that morning. He said he had been in contact with a group of protesters before the government announced the closure of Britain.

“Children should not starve on the basis that we do not communicate or be transparent with plans,” Rashford said, “that is unacceptable.”

British MP Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labor Party, also attended.

UN report compares UK welfare policy with Victorian workshops
“Images that appear on the internet of inadequate school meals are a disgusting thing.” tweeted Starmer on Tuesday. “Where will the money go? This needs to be arranged immediately so that the family does not starve by being detained.”

In December, UNICEF announced it would feed people in various parts of Britain for the first time in its 70-year history.

The United Nations says “domestic emergencies” mean children and families at risk of needing assistance due to the Covid-19 crisis.

In May 2019, the United Nations Report on Poverty in the United Kingdom said that the Conservative government was still in a “denial” of the 14 million people living on the breadth of roads, continuing poverty alleviation measures for nearly a decade, despite “tragic social consequences.”

The UK is the world’s fifth largest economy, but one-fifth of its population lives in poverty, according to the report, which estimates that 40% of children will be living in poverty in two and a half years.

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