Melania Trump to make the look of the campaign louder
Melania Trump to make the look of the campaign louder

Melania Trump to make the look of the campaign louder

The first woman is scheduled to speak at the Make America Great event Tuesday afternoon in Atglen, Pennsylvania, according to sources.

Every modern woman aspires to take a stand before Melania Trump proves to be an important and influential agent on behalf of her husband. The president, in particular, hunts for votes from the suburbs of white women, a group that first women may hold appeal.

According to several sources, Melania Trump has proven herself to be a homeless person with no taste in campaigning or giving political speeches. Her last appearance at a Trump rally was in June 2019, in which she gave a short speech at the start of her husband’s reorganization efforts. Her last solo speech at the Trump campaign was nearly four years ago, in Pennsylvania, just half a day before the election.

Melania Trump’s reluctance to campaign or raise funds has been a sad idea for members of the Trump campaign to swallow, according to two campaign sources, as having the first woman to speak to voters is historically the most attractive and effective form.

“It’s certainly not a question of ‘Does the Trump campaign really want Melania Trump to show up?’ “Sources familiar with the campaign practice said. “She wants and needs. It’s just that she did not do it.”

Earlier this fall, when asked when the first lady would run the campaign, campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley said: “The first lady is an incredible asset to the country, the president and the process by which we are communicating with the first lady’s team.

This is the only real event, after the first woman postponed an exhibition at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania last week, citing her resurrection of Covid.

The absence of the first woman was a discussion in some groups in the advertising circle, however, the lack of involvement was not a particular concern for the president himself, according to those familiar with the way he responded.

“He knows her well enough to know that when he does not want to do something, it is not like he or anyone else will change her mind,” the source said.

In 2016, the petition for Melania Trump’s participation on the road was consistent. At the time, she said her priority was to take care of her 10-year-old son. Mr. Trump was given an interview as to why she did not make a famous speech or raise funds in the headlines.

Occasional waves or short greetings to the Trump rally have become a source of satisfaction for campaigns that are struggling to help voters understand who their backbone is, something that spouses can pass on during the election cycle.

“The answer to those of us who asked her to dress is ‘no’ so many times, in the end we just stopped asking. 2020 does not appear to be very different. A source familiar with the campaign strategy says, ‘Anyone can take her.’ She is a rock star “.