Michigan lawmakers who met with Trump appear to be expressing their desire to overturn the election.
Michigan lawmakers who met with Trump appear to be expressing their desire to overturn the election.

Michigan lawmakers who met with Trump appear to be expressing their desire to overturn the election.

It is a blow to Trump, who invited lawmakers to the White House this week, as he seeks voters’ long-term ambitions in an effort to overthrow the election he lost. The president’s attempt to pressure locals, which has been heavily criticized, even by some Republicans, as a choice for his legal team to challenge the election results in the state he lost is rapidly evaporating and as states move to confirm their results.

GOP lawmakers who met with Trump on Friday pledged to enforce the certification process and pursue false allegations of voter fraud across the country as Trump and his allies continue to walk.

“As legislators, we will abide by the rules and procedures of Michigan voters, as we have said throughout this election,” Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Michigan State House Speaker Lee Chatfield said in a statement after the meeting.

Sources familiar with Friday’s meeting said the meeting was “sincere” as the group explained to the president the process of verifying the election and nominating voters in their state. Trump did not use excessive pressure on lawmakers to try and manipulate voters from Biden himself, or to prevent the vote from being confirmed, a source familiar with the meeting said, but the president appeared interested in commenting on the legislature.

“Michigan State certification process should be a deliberate process from harassment and intimidation,” Congressmen said in a statement. “Allegations of fraudulent behavior should be seriously investigated, thoroughly investigated, and if substantiated, fully prosecuted and the Michigan state party winning the most votes and voting. This is a simple fact that we should vote for.”

Residents said they also discussed the Covid-19 relief effort with the president, and sent a letter calling for more federal funding to fight the epidemic. They also said they accepted Trump’s invitation to the White House “because we would accept an invitation from the incumbent if asked to meet at the White House.”

Speaker Jason Wentworth is also scheduled to attend, a source familiar with the matter said.

There are ongoing discussions with Trump about inviting Republican lawmakers from Pennsylvania to the White House, two sources told CNN.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But Trump has expressed interest in doing so as he seeks to get involved in the voter certification process. The deadline for all counties in Pennsylvania to confirm all of them is Monday.

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Earlier in the day, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany did not comment on what Trump plans to discuss with Michigan lawmakers.

“This is not a secret meeting. There will be no one from the campaign there. He will meet with journalists from all over the country,” McEnany said.

Although Mr. McEnany claimed that the campaigner would not participate, Mr. Giuliani, who led the legal efforts of the process, Tell Fox 5 New York He will be in the meeting on Friday. But before the meeting, an official familiar with the situation told CNN that Giuliani would not attend again because he had been in contact with someone with a coronavirus.

Giuliani is isolated in Washington, DC, after his son, Andrew – the president’s special aide – was tested for genital herpes on Friday morning.

Campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis said Friday that both she and Giuliani had tested negative for coronavirus, adding that “all law enforcement teams will continue to follow our doctor’s advice and procedures.”

Confirmation is usually a formality, but Mr. Trump is trying to thwart or delay such a process in key states as part of a long-running effort to overthrow his election through the electoral college. Giuliani and other allies suggested that the GOP state legislature in the battle zones that Biden won should try to use the approval delay to nominate its own candidate and ignore the popular state vote for Biden.

The vote black, Michigan now are suing the president and ads to your voice, claiming that your proposal to pressure state and local interrupt vote popular for Biden violate the law pronunciation they say advertising campaign to vote for Mr. Trump, though, Biden will prevail in the country, especially trying to make voter positions elected.

Trump extended the invitation Wednesday evening To the Michigan state legislature by calling Shirkey.

Shirkey did not return an email from CNN, and his inbox was full.

Earlier this week, Mr. Trump called on two Republican lawmakers from Wayne County to present his candidacy, after they Went back and voted to confirm the election results From the state’s largest county, which includes Detroit. Lawmakers filed a petition Wednesday seeking to “return” their votes to confirm the election results.

Both Shirkey and Chatfield have said they will respect the popular vote of their state and will not err on the part of Michigan voters. Biden now has 154,187 votes ahead of Trump in the Great Lakes.

On September 24, Shirkey led the Senate to a resolution that guarantees voters will vote for the candidate with the highest number of votes, as confirmed by the electorate.

Senior GOP lawmakers are concerned about Trump's attempts to overturn the election results.

“Michigan Congressmen have pledged to push for the election of a candidate to an Electoral College, which will be faithful to the election of a candidate with the highest number of votes for a Michigan presidential candidate approved by the Michigan State Electoral Commission,” the resolution said.

Meanwhile, veterans’ GOP councils are increasingly opposed to Trump’s strategy. “Yes, I think it was said and done,” said President Fred Upton, a senior Michigan Democrat who was targeted by the Democrats but won the bidding by 16 votes.

“No one has seen any real identification of fraud,” Upton said.

This story has been updated with further developments.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Jeremy Herb, Kevin Liptak, Sam Fossum, Manu Raju, Rachel Janfaza and Katelyn Polantz all contributed to the report.