Nevada Judge Rejects Request to Terminate Confirmation of State Election Results
Nevada Judge Rejects Request to Terminate Confirmation of State Election Results

Nevada Judge Rejects Request to Terminate Confirmation of State Election Results

The case is being prosecuted by conservative activist Sharron Angle and her organization, the Electoral Loyalty Program, against Nevada Foreign Minister Barbara Cegavske – who is in charge of the entire Republican bureaucracy.

On Friday, District Court Judge Gloria Sturman rejected Angle’s challenge to the results and her request for a preliminary hearing against the Nevada Supreme Court’s confirmation of Tuesday’s election results.

CNN predicts Biden will win six Nevada state elections. Mr. Trump has yet to run in the by-elections, and his campaign and Republican allies have filed lawsuits in several states over long bids to try and postpone the final outcome.

Mr Sturman also denied any wrongdoing in the Nevada crackdown, saying it would “disrupt the election process.”

She told lawyer Joel Hansen that “a civil settlement in the run-up to the election is a shocking question.” “You are asking me to cast 1.4 million votes on the occasion that somewhere between 250 and 8,000 people should not vote.”

Mr Sturman, who won the by-elections, warned that if the election was called off, no one would run in the by-elections.

The lawsuit alleges that the election took place under a non-constitutional rule that set the stage for postal elections. The Electoral Integration Program also claimed to have found 1,411 eligible voters who had moved to California and registered to vote in California, and another 8,000 who had not cast their ballots in half a decade and received ballots, contrary to the law. The EIP says it has sent volunteers who discovered the polls to those who no longer live there.

Hours earlier, Sturman had rejected a failed Republican nominee for a re-run in Nevada’s largest county, which confirmed his results Monday.

Losing GOP candidate Jim Marchant has called for a by-election in seven of the seven counties covered by the Democratic Clark. Sturman denied the request. She also said it would be difficult for Marchant to get 30,000 votes between him and Democrat Steven Horsford.

On Monday morning, Sturman will hear the case of another Republican who lost his race.

Wisconsin judge rejects Trump campaign attempt to throw away 60,000 ballots

Dane County, Wisconsin Democrats have rejected calls from the Trump campaign to throw tens of thousands of ballots Friday as the state begins to consider partial presidential elections.

Two of Wisconsin’s largest cities, Milwaukee and Dane, are undergoing retaliation after Trump’s campaign called for one. Both countries say they will count the ballots until December 1, the state deadline to confirm their results.

In Dane, the capital of Madison, Trump’s first campaign attorney called on the three-member commission not to count any votes unrelated to the ballot, including more than 60,000 ballots cast during the by-elections.

Mr. Trump’s attorney also called for the denial of any ballots that officials added to witnesses’ address information on ballot boxes. The State Election Commission told municipal officials in 2016 that they should fill in that information if it was missing and they could reasonably understand it.

The commission unanimously rejected Trump’s campaign claims.

The Trump campaign is trying to defeat Biden by more than 20,000 votes in the state. Recent revelations in the state have not led to such a change in the number of votes cast, with 2016 citing a presidential race that increased Mr. Trump’s turnout by just 131 votes.

CNN’s Veronica Stracqualursi and Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.