Obama Blame Trump on Coronavirus and Economy
Obama Blame Trump on Coronavirus and Economy

Obama Blame Trump on Coronavirus and Economy

“More than 225,000 people have died in this country. More than 100,000 small businesses have closed,” Obama said of Orlando as he campaigned for President Joe Biden.

“And what is his closing argument? That people are paying too much attention to Covid. He said this in his rally. Covid, Covid, Covid, he complains. In the beginning, cases will not rise to the national record this week.”

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Obama, the key envoy for Biden, campaigned for his vice president for the second time in four days in Florida. Critical battlefields could play a key role in the election results, and recent polls highlight a strained rivalry between Trump and Biden.

He accused Trump of failing to take precautionary measures against the virus across the country and in the White House. He also pointed to a second outbreak among White House staffers, which infected several aides, including Vice President Mike Pence, chief of staff Marc Short.

Democrats hope Obama can help encourage black men, young voters and young people in the war zone to turn to the polls.

Mr. Obama praised his former vice president, calling Biden “a man of principle and character.”

“He has made me a better president, and he has the qualities and experience to make us a better country,” Obama said.

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