Obama on Merkel, Putin and Other Leaders in 'Promised Land' - Meanwhile in the United States
Former President Barack Obama's memoir on a window display at the Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn on November 17, 2020 in New York City.

Obama on Merkel, Putin and Other Leaders in ‘Promised Land’ – Meanwhile in the United States

Even when the president-elect shakes the shadow of Donald Trump last year, he will face a difficult political environment. By its launch in January, the current bombing of Covid-19 would have reduced the death toll and illness in a nation nearly half a year after the epidemic. And unless Democrats win Georgia’s two-state election, Biden will face the Republican Senate, led by Senator Mitch McConnell, who is rocking Washington’s memory.
Democrats were shocked to see their majority decline in the House of Representatives, saying President Nancy Pelosi would not always accept her position. Biden aspires to enjoy Franklin Roosevelt’s first 100 days of radical social media. Remember talking about Supreme Court packaging, Green New Deal and state healthcare? Forget that. The majestic balance on Capitol Hill suggests that the next two years may be due to a war of scarcity, with both sides marching ahead of the midterm parliamentary elections, which are often brutal to the first president.
But that’s not a shame at all for Biden. Although he will take over America during the darkest hours of the United States for decades, many hopes for the Covid-19 vaccine could begin to revive American life by mid-2021. A bright summer and a strong economic recovery could boost his presidency. And Washington’s secession – a reflection of a nation at war with itself, made it clear that Biden won the election of democracy and the White House because he was not extremist and scientifically driven to unite rather than divide. A president who can bridge the gap and win a bipartisan business boss – for example, in helping employees who have lost their jobs in an epidemic – may receive widespread approval.

The last four presidents have been indicted, partisan outrage, terrorist attacks, war, economic crisis, whiplash change and first history. Prolonged greed and prejudice are fueling Trump’s remarks. Even before the outbreak, the United States will be boosted by unprecedented fighting between groups with the vastly different vision of the country it should be.

A quiet president who does not just bring order to normalcy is not what Biden had in mind. But the passage of time from history is sounding very good at this time.

‘Complete ass’

The same day that Ted Republican Ted Cruz, Big Texas Republican Ted Cruz grilled Big Tech over an authorized speech via the Internet, he claimed the senator’s controversy with a tumultuous tone, calling for Sherio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown said: “Complete buttocks“For asking other senators to put on a mask when addressing parliament.

Finally some gossip

Part of President Barack Obama’s memoir:The land of promiseThe 44th President is generous to allies but also shows the strong character of those he has shared. World platform.

Vladimir PutinWhite House reporters once cheered on Obama when he met with Russian officials. His book notes the similarities between the former KGB man and the Chicago politicians he endorsed. “Like the ward bosses, except for Mr. George and members of the United Nations Security Council,” Putin wrote. For someone like him: “Life is a central game; you may do business with people outside of your tribe, but in the end, you can not trust them.”

Benjamin NetanyahuObama has a difficult relationship with the Israeli prime minister, who has seen Trump more than he likes. “Netanyahu may be a snob, or at least a persuader,” Obama wrote. “But his vision as the main defender of the Jewish people against atrocities allowed him to justify almost anything that would make him powerful.”

Hu Jintao: Former President Finds Former Chinese Leader Difficult Mr. Obama lamented that the first meeting was “slumber” and that his efforts to alleviate the feelings during their rare meeting would usually be “invisible.” Obama was very impressed with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

Angela MerkelObama looks into the eyes of the German Chancellor, who remembers “big blue and bright blue” and “can be touched by turning to frustration, joy, or advice about grief.” He found Merkel analyzed and reported that she had initial suspicions of his conversation. “I do not take offense, considering that as a German leader, avoiding possible deceptions may be good for health.”

Nicola sarkozy“The figure of the former Toulouse-Lautrec figure” could not be different from that of his German ally, “Obama wrote. Mr. Sarkozy is “emotionally chaotic and overly vocal,” and although often excites others, Mr. Obama is seen laughing and rejoicing with “courage, perseverance and miraculous energy.” This book praises both Sarkozy and Merkel for their support of American values.

David CamerN: Obama is popular with Eton, a former British prime minister who was educated by Eton, who described the issue as “impressive” despite his rejection of Tory’s Cameron’s theory of deficit reduction and budget cuts. The Prime Minister said that a “privileged prime minister” has the “quiet confidence” of someone who has never been pressured in his life. “

Man Ming Muang Sing: Obama’s Observations on Indian politics Waves are being created in sub-regions. He has always been associated with the former prime minister of India, and has described Singh in the book as “wise, thoughtful and honest.”

“We will have a regular transfer from this administration to the next one.”

The White House is Also try to buy timeBut Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that the next presidential election will not be delayed. “We’re going to have to have a smooth transition from this administration to the next one,” McConnell said. “What we all say about it is, frankly, irrelevant.”