Opinion: Biden's mistake about Trump
The lawsuit, which seeks to undermine Biden's victory in four states, has been dropped

Opinion: Biden’s mistake about Trump

The president-elect is right in believing that Trump’s attempts to overthrow the people in the election will fail. Eventually, the court will turn a blind eye to the alarming case that Trump’s lawyers are trying to create to prevent Biden from being considered his rightful target.

But Biden is wrong if he thinks Trump’s legal attacks on his election and on American democracy are the main issues that the president is leaving.

On January 20, Biden will be sworn in, and whether Trump likes it or not, the authorities will change hands. But, while Trump’s trial is pending laughed out of court, Cobra oil sellers are winning the presidential opinion from the Republic and can also make others who may be wrong for Biden to guess their votes.
To the majority of Americans – we must believe – the sight of Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, faces off. ລົງ With some hair dye, disgusted with the stupid conspiracy with Trump, falls somewhere between entertainment and insults. To most Americans, hear Mr. Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell, Along with Giuliani, Claiming that millions of votes were stolen from Trump in a far-flung conspiracy to play a role for the Venezuelan leader who died seven years ago, is too hateful, albeit a joke.
Most Americans know that Biden has won. Most Americans believe the election was safe, as confirmed by Trump’s Infrastructure Security Agency – before Trump ousted leader Chris Krebs, reporting the election as “the safest” in US history. Mr. Trump fired him because he was directly opposed to the president’s claim that the election was rigged and he won.
Most Americans know the truth. But apparently More than half of the Republican Party Do not.
As his legal challenges ease, Mr. Trump continues to follow a two-pronged path. One, he and his allies are pressuring local authorities to ignore voter decisions and refuse to confirm the election. That means Mr. Trump is trying to move toward American democracy. That attempt will fail.

It was the second follow-up – Trumpian misguided propaganda campaign – where Trump was succeeding. And this is more important than his legal and political challenge to the vote.

Remember, Mr. Trump received more than 70 million votes. Polls show that most of his supporters believe the natural fabrications of the massive fraud created in Trump’s imagination.

A Reuters survey Fifty-two percent of Republicans say Trump has won, compared to just 29 percent who say Biden did. The poll shows 73% of all respondents agreeing that Biden won. The Republican refusal represents a huge hole in the ground under Biden’s presidency, and unless Biden does something, that hole could be widened.
What Trump is doing should worry us all
Sure, the ad campaign claims are special, so there is no fact, that Even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Sidney Powell could not be persuaded to present any evidence. He said she told him to stop calling.
Carlson’s skeptical skeptics are no doubt discouraged: such things are rare in the right-hand media. Indeed, Trump’s choice of facts about lies is embraced and extended by his other media conspirators. Th Head OANN“Why is Biden still trying to act like he’s going to be president when he knows the Dem deception has been discovered?”

That Trumpian electronic hall is where tens of millions of Americans live, and they would greet President Biden that it is illegal. That news, incidentally, is being heard around the world, which not everyone believes is a Trump lie.

Allowing lies to stand unresolved or failing to challenge them vigorously would jeopardize the president’s ability to work effectively at home and abroad.

Fortunately, there is more Biden can do, if he chooses. So far, he has not.

How Trump destroyed his chances for a second term
I do not suggest that the president-elect get into the mud with Trump. Biden has chosen the critical approach to Trump’s legal crackdown on him and on US democracy. In recent days, he has been vocal in calling Trump’s actions “unbelievably damaging” and “irresponsible”.

But he should do more than that. Today, Biden holds the second-largest phone in the country (Trump, as president, is still the most powerful person, and he is well aware of the power of repetitive speech).

Biden should use his phone ring – not to attack Trump, but to oppose his message. The world is listening to Biden. His statement was headline.

Biden does not want to go into legal opposition, but he should pay attention to what the judges say about Trump’s claim. He could point to inconsistencies in the silly ideas fueled by Trump’s team.

He can still do it without mentioning Trump’s name. But he should tell the public, for example, that Trump’s attorneys are issuing statements to the public about election irregularities, while in court they are Contrary to the same claim, Admit the judge that they have no proof to show them.

Biden, with his quiet accusations, should reaffirm to the American people that the election was clean, revealing important facts that most people do not know, which shows that Trump lied when he spoke, and many times, that he won.

The president-elect is making a mistake by letting Trump use his false weapon to advance this propaganda war. Mr. Trump is attacking America and its Democrats – and he is being tried by President Biden. Every day he is allowed to get out of it makes it even more difficult for Biden to run for a successful presidency, which can pull the country out of the current crisis and begin to heal the nation’s divisions.