Pence team takes Covid-19 caution as he resumes ad campaign

Pence team takes Covid-19 caution as he resumes ad campaign

Photo: Jeff Kowalsky / AFP / Getty

Vice President Mike Pence is cautious on the road after receiving a coronavirus infection from his supervisor, Marc Short, as he insists he will maintain an aggressive campaign schedule in the final weeks of the race.

Mr. Pence will not make any ropes or greet greeters after his speech in the next few days and will leave after his speech, who is familiar with the plan. The vice president, who will conduct one to three local interviews at the battlefield, said he would visit, but would not be allowed in the next few days.

He will travel with the reduced team even more because the short assistant and three others have been diagnosed with the virus – his press secretary is being held incommunicado and his communications director is nearing the end of her pregnancy.

Some basics: Pence hit the road the day after being diagnosed with a short-term positive virus, speaking in North Carolina amid criticism of the White House’s decision to consider him a “necessary personnel” who should not be detained.

He was assigned to travel to Minnesota on Monday, after being diagnosed with the virus Sunday and Monday.

Pence’s close adviser, Marty Obst, tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week after interacting with some Pence teams. Obst is not a government employee.

Although four of the assistants tested positive, all four test positive, while quarantine after contact monitoring was carried out at the time of Obst’s diagnosis.

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